Act Now: Help Protect Children in Conflict

Around the world, war is tearing children’s lives apart. From Syria to Yemen to Ukraine, more than one in six children globally live in a warzone.

We demand that children caught up in war are given three things: safety, justice and the  practical help they need. Will you help us stop the war on children? Sign our pledge:

  • World leaders must always uphold international law to protect children in conflict.

  • Those responsible war crimes against children must be held to account

  • Children in warzones must be given practical support on the ground to protect and care for them, and to help them recover.

Will you stand up for the millions of children in danger? By demanding change from governments, and by supporting Save the Children’s recovery programs helping children in conflict-affected regions, you can make a practical difference to children’s lives in war zones.

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Ukraine, a young boy, stands near his house in Kyiv after a blast.

Heavy shelling of their village near Kyiv forced 5-year old Maxim* and his family to evacuate their home. Upon returning, they found their home severely damaged and an unexploded mine in the yard.