Jim and Gloria Redmond have been supporting Save the Children since the late 1970s.

Jim and Gloria Redmond

The Redmonds made their first donation in the late 1970s, and they've never stopped.

In the early days of their 45-year marriage, when money was very tight, Gloria Redmond always found a way to contribute to those in need. She was partial to anything involving children, so Save the Children was an obvious choice. In those days, Jim says, his wife always made a point to contribute, even if only $10.

In the early 1980s, Gloria and Jim moved to Norwalk, Connecticut, just down the road from Save the Children's former headquarters in Westport. To her pleasure, Gloria found part-time work at Save the Children, which served to strengthen their association. Gloria felt good about working for an organization she knew and believed in.

Around this time, the Redmonds discovered they were unable to have children of their own and stringent adoption rules at the time made it difficult for them to pursue this route. Undaunted, they agreed to make the most of their lives by dedicating themselves to organizations they trusted.Their unsuccessful attempt at starting their own family bolstered their resolve to Save the Children and a decades-long partnership was born – one in which the Redmonds would have a hand in raising thousands of children all over the world.

Jim's career in banking and the Redmonds' shared interest in travel took them around the country and across the globe to live and work. Wherever they went,Gloria took on the role of a cultural explorer, getting to know the people and how and where they lived. Together, Jim and Gloria witnessed firsthand just how many of the world's children are in need of help.With Save the Children as their conduit, the Redmonds have changed the lives of countless children across the decades.

When it came time for the Redmonds to think about retirement, they opened an IRA. Supporting organizations they trust is important to Jim and Gloria, and Jim's background in finance and banking gives him confidence in Save the Children. Jim also understands the financial benefits of a charitable distribution from their IRA for those whose incomes might be adversely affected by Medicare distributions.

Jim and Gloria hope to travel to the field with Save the Children in the coming years to see the impact of their continued support in person. In the meantime, keep an eye out for Jim on social media – he is an active participant and believes strongly in using the platform to share his passion.

Join the Redmonds in making a difference for girls and boys in need. ContactMarc Vigliotti at 800.544.4470 or plannedgiving@savechildren.org to get started.


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