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Ways to Give Back This Valentine’s Day

 Children deserve a chance to grow up healthy, learning and safe. They deserve a bright future. Get involved and help support Save the Children's mission by donating this Valentine’s Day. You can also join our political advocacy arm - Save the Children Action Network - and  tell lawmakers to Have a Heart and fund early childhood education programs so more kids across your state — and the nation — grow up nourished and learning!

Read further to learn how to donate to charity for Valentine’s Day or send a message to Congress.

Donate This Valentine’s Day

Students from a kindergarten class in the Philippines make personalized valentines cards for Enrique Iglesias as a surprise thank you for teaming up with Save the Children to help kids, like them, who live in areas affected by natural disasters and other crises. Photo Credit: Save the Children/Denvie Balidoy 2016.

Are you looking for unique Valentine's Day donation ideas? Give a gift that’s truly special – a gift that comes from the heart is an unforgettable way to give back.

  • $30 will help send an orphan to school with the supplies they need
  • $50 can help train a Community Health Worker to provide basic health care in crisis zones
  • $100 can pay the cost of referring a severely malnourished child to a stabilization center

Other Valentine’s Day Donation Ideas

Warm, insulating blankets are essential to the health of vulnerable newborns and babies during disasters, emergencies and conflict.
Nutritious meals and healthy snacks paired with classroom supplies and at-home learning materials inspire and empower schoolchildren to reach their full potential.
You can help girls realize their dreams by providing books, materials and access to education as your Valentine’s charity.
A clean water kit — including soap and a bucket — can save lives with your Valentine’s Day charity donation.
Your gift can help fill refugee basics bags with soap, shampoo, diapers and hygiene products for families who have lost everything.
This Valentine’s Day, your gift can help orphans and vulnerable children find comfort in essentials like food, shelter, education and counseling.