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For Millions of Kids, Childhood is Being Cut Short

Children deserve the opportunity to laugh, play, learn, grow and enjoy their childhoods in safety and security. But instead, millions are being forced to flee their homes, endure hunger and face the devastating effects of poverty.

Together we can reach children in crisis here in the United States and around the world. Help us reach our goal of $250,000 by October 15th. 

The Impact Your Gift Can Make

Countless children worldwide want nothing more than to experience the childhood they deserve. Save the Children reaches children in need in over 100 countries worldwide, including the United States in more than 200 of the most rural and poverty-stricken communities. We can't stand by silently and watch as children are forced to flee their homes, endure hunger, fall behind in their learning and face many more devastating effects of poverty.

With your support today, we can help restore the childhoods of millions of children by providing:

Nutritious daily school lunches for one primary school per day - feeding nearly 2,000 children

Cash vouchers to empower families to meet their own needs, including feeding their families and paying for school tuition fees

A temporary learning center for 250 children missing school due to conflict

Childhoods in Danger


Twelve-year-old Ratana

Twelve-year-old Ratana* lives on the waters of East Tonle Sap Lake in Cambodia. Ratana's family depends on fishing to earn a living.

But because of pollution and climate crises, they’ve seen how the once vibrant life of the lake — and their source of food, water and livelihood — is now disappearing. Without it, an already difficult childhood for Ratana could be lost.

“I do not like trash because it ruins the environment and pollutes the water,” Ratana says. “I am concerned that when we drink this water, we’ll get sick.”

Brothers Joel and Junior

Joel* and Junior* are brothers in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. They, and many children like them, are bearing the brunt of the political conflict that’s erupted in their country.

While the brothers and their family were already struggling to survive, a recent volcanic eruption forced them to find safety in a displacement camp — where access to food has been limited. Their physical and emotional health are a serious concern.

“We don't live well here,” Joel says. “Sometimes we get food, but we don't feel well. If my mother catches something, like bush meat, then we can eat.”


These stories are just a few examples that demonstrate what millions of children are facing. Through no fault of their own, children around the world are at risk of losing their childhoods and being forced into uncertain futures. 

But if we work together, there is hope for these kids and the countless more facing unthinkable hardships.