In 2015, Save the Children teamed up with C&A and C&A Foundation to form a global partnership. So far, C&A and C&A Foundation’s support has enabled Save the Children to reach more than 8 million people, of which around 4 million are children.

Three Partners, One Vision

In 2015, Save the Children teamed up with C&A and C&A Foundation to form a global partnership. So far, C&A and C&A Foundation’s support has enabled Save the Children to reach more than 8 million people, of which around 4 million are children.

About C&A and C&A Foundation

C&A was founded in 1841 by the two brothers Clemens and August Brenninkmeijer – the C and the A behind the company’s name. Since then, C&A has grown to become one of the world’s largest fashion retailers offering affordable fashion for the whole family.

C&A Foundation is a corporate foundation, sharing the same heritage and values as C&A. C&A Foundation supports initiatives to transform the apparel industry, as well as initiatives to strengthen communities all over the world, aiming to improve lives and livelihoods wherever C&A operates.

A significant yearly funding of over €3 million ($3.5 million) from C&A Foundation towards Save the Children per year contributes to amplify the scope of the partnership. In addition to this funding, C&A involves its employees and customers in supporting the partnership, adding resources to further contribute to our joint vision: achieving the extraordinary for children and families.

Through our partnership with Save the Children we are working with mothers and children not only in times of crisis, but we also help them to prepare to deal with future crises. In doing this, we are helping build stronger children, stronger women, stronger families and, ultimately, stronger communities.” - Leslie Johnston, CEO C&A Foundation. Photo credit: C&A Foundation 2018.

"Since 2015, C&A Foundation has partnered with Save the Children to provide life-saving support and safe spaces to children and to build resilience in urban communities, particularly in apparel-producing countries in which we operate. We are proud to have supported responses to over 35 emergencies and look forward to building on these early successes in our collaboration in the years to come."

- Leslie Johnston, Executive Director, C&A Foundation

Rudi, aged 9, and brother Orlando, 18, ride a bicycle in the Mayan village where they live in Yucatan state, Mexico. Photo credit: Jonathan Hyams / Save the Children 2016.

Customer and Employee Engagement

C&A involves its employees and customers to create a broad movement advocating for children’s rights. Throughout C&A’s stores in Europe and Mexico, customers can access information about the partnership, purchase products triggering a donation, and make a financial contribution to our work at the register.

Right from the beginning of the partnership in 2015, C&A provided the opportunity for its employees to be actively engaged in campaigning for children’s rights. Opportunities for participation include field trips to supported projects or yearly fundraising campaigns. When crises strike, C&A employees can also use an online emergency fundraising tool to support Save the Children’s humanitarian relief activities (such as our work in Mexico after the devastating earthquakes in 2017).

Nine-year-old Rodrigo is shown leaning in a doorway with his sister in Oaxaca, Mexico. Rodrigo was born in the U.S. His family migrated before he was born due to the lack of opportunities and poverty in its community in central Oaxaca. Now his family has returned in Oaxaca because his grandmother is sick. One day all the family wants to come back to USA. Save the Children runs programs that seek to prevent migration of unaccompanied children. One of the main focuses is to work on community roots and improve the living conditions for families. Photo credit: Jonathan Hyams / Save the Children, January 2017.
A Bangladeshi mother, Shipra, is shown here with her daughter Prima, age 1. Shipra lives in a remote village a flood plain basin called a “haor” – it is surrounded by water for most of the year. The 400 villagers mainly work in agriculture, growing rice and vegetables, supplemented by fishing. Shipra, has had four babies but the first three died soon after they were born. Her son Nirob, 5, Prima (shown here) are her only surviving children. Shipra’s husband Monto is blind in one eye (his eye is missing) and struggles to get work. This means the family can’t afford to pay for healthcare. Thanks to Save the Children, a clinic was built close to their village, making it much easier for the family to receive proper healthcare. Photo credit: CJ Clarke / Save the Children, May 2016.
A mother her and four-month-old daughter squint into the camera on an island in northern Bangladesh. Her family of five received 3,000 taka from Save the Children to help them after flooding left them with nothing. Photo credit: GMB Akash/Panos Pictures/Save the Children, September 2017.

Our Programmatic Work

The global partnership between Save the Children, C&A and C&A Foundation targets two key focus areas:

(1) EMERGENCY RESPONSE: Our humanitarian relief activities provide fast and life-saving aid and ensure decent living conditions during and in the aftermath of disasters. Thanks to the contribution by C&A Foundation, Save the Children was able to respond to over 35 emergencies in the first three years of the partnership, reaching over 4 million children. One of Save the Children’s key interventions to protect children from harm and stress are Child Friendly Spaces. This approach has proven successful in restoring a sense of normality and safety to children and assisting them to rebuild their lives.

(2) RESILIENCE-BUILDING: With our resilience-building projects in Bangladesh, Brazil, China, India and Mexico we increased the ability of over 130,000 children, their families and the communities in which they lived, to withstand and recover from stresses and shocks. And we aim to increase the capacities and preparedness in disaster risk reduction of around 185,000 additional beneficiaries in the years 2018-2021.

Children of the Madhu Basti play games outdoors using colorful fabric as a toy. Photo credit: CJ Clarke / Save the Children, May 2015.

Spotlight: Resilience-Building in Bangladesh

C&A Foundation supports innovative, multi-year Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and Resilience programs that combine preparedness, awareness building and behavioral change through activities within education, livelihood or access to basic services. One of these is "Proyash II Building Urban Resilience in Dhaka & Chattogram" funded by C&A Foundation. The project, situated in Dhaka, Bangladesh, strives for cleaner, greener and safer cities. In Bangladesh, 38 percent of the urban population is living in slums. Compared to the rest of the population, slum dwellers are at a higher risk of suffering from perils such as fires, collapsing buildings or hazardous waste. Women and children are most vulnerable, since they are systematically excluded from education and disaster risk reduction activities.

The Proyash project aims at increasing the capacities of women and children living in urban slums, local government and the private sector on disaster risk reduction and equips women and children with life-saving skills, enabling them to cope with the risks they are facing. The project will work to develop and train community based disaster management committees, women, children and other community members. To sustain the effort, these local committees and groups will be trained and linked with the city corporation and municipalities.

This is an excellent and unique partnership because it combines C&A Foundation’s funding potential, Save the Children’s operational expertise and C&A’s global business reach to deliver lasting change for children. In times characterized by an ever-growing number of crises (natural or man-made), innovative and devoted partnerships such as the one between C&A, C&A Foundation and Save the Children are much needed to achieve the extraordinary for children and families.


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