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Over 10 million children in Sudan have been repeatedly exposed to deadly violence over the past year of war.

Nearly 4 million children are malnourished, and thousands of others risk death from disease as the country's health system has all but collapsed. Not a single child has been able to go to school over the past year. Your donation to the Children's Emergency Fund helps our teams respond quickly to children living in crisis in Sudan and around the world.

Help Children and Refugees in Sudan 

  • Sudan now has the highest number of internally displaced people - 7.1 million - on earth. 
  • Over 9 million children in Sudan are facing severe food shortages due to conflict disrupting crop production.
  • In 2023, Save the Children supported more 1.5 million children in Sudan with access to quality education, health, nutrition and more.

7.1 million people, including an estimated 3.3 million children, are now displaced from their homes across Sudan

Graphic showing 50% as in the amount infrastructure that has been destroyed due to conflict..

Over 9 million children in Sudan—just under 50% of all children in the country—will face severe food shortages


Nearly 500 children have died from hunger, as critical nutrition facilities have been forced to close

Sudan Conflict: Frequently Asked Questions

When did the conflict in Sudan begin?

The conflict in Sudan began on April 15, 2023. 

The eruption of fighting came as Sudan is facing its worst-ever humanitarian crisis with conflict, natural disasters, disease outbreaks, and economic degradation resulting in 15.8 million people—about a third of the population, and more than half of them children—needing humanitarian support.

Before the current conflict, Sudan had already been grappling with violence and displacement since the onset of the Darfur crisis in 2003.

How has the conflict in Sudan impacted health facilities?

Since the violence broke out in April, Save the Children has been forced to close 57 of its nutrition facilities, with 31,000 children missing out on treatment for malnutrition and related illnesses across the country.

In the 108 facilities where Save the Children operates, therapeutic food stocks are running critically low, with buffer stock, or emergency supplies, now being used in the most extreme cases. 

How many people in Sudan have been displaced due to the conflict?

At least 7.1 million people, including an estimated 3.3 million children, are now displaced from their homes across Sudan. This number has nearly doubled since devastating conflict ripped through the country in mid-April. 

How does the number of displaced people in Sudan compare to that of other countries?

The number of displaced people in Sudan now eclipses other war-torn countries with massive internal displacements, including the next highest country, Syria (with 6.6 million people), the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) (6.1 million people) and Ukraine (5.1 million people). 

What is life like for children and families in Sudan who are fleeing conflict?

Millions of desperate families fleeing conflict are now sheltering wherever they can find safety, including in schools, in camps, with relatives, and in some cases out in the open. Many families have been displaced multiple times when the place they were seeking safety came under attack. 

Many communities where newly displaced families are arriving are already facing challenges as a result of existing crises, with basic services already overstretched.

Where are Sudan refugees fleeing to?

According to the UNHCR, Chad has received the largest number of people (260,390), followed by Egypt (255,565), South Sudan (178,560), Ethiopia (26,801) and Central African Republic (17,227). In South Sudan, most of those arriving are returning nationals who had been living in Sudan as refugees.

Without a resolution to the crisis, hundreds of thousands more people will be compelled to flee in search of refuge and basic assistance.

How is Save the Children helping children and families in Sudan who have been displaced by conflict?

Save the Children is bringing together the best of our experience in humanitarian emergencies and long-term programs and working with partners to ensure that urgently needed support reaches children and families in Sudan and neighboring countries. 

Your donation to the Children's Emergency Fund supports this life-saving work. 

Our Response to the Crisis Sudan

Save the Children has worked in Sudan since 1983. In 2022, Save the Children directly reached 2.1 million people, including 1.5 million children, with programming focused on child protection, access to quality education, health and nutrition support and responding to emergencies. 

An icon of a stethoscope.

We provide medical supplies, including medicines for children under five years old and emergency trauma kits for the life-saving treatment of injuries 

An icon of a mother breastfeeding a child.

We run mobile health clinics in the camps for displaced people and also provide nutrition supplements for malnourished children.

An icon of a girl and boy holding hands.

We offer games and activities for children, such as dancing, drawing and sports to overcome their negative experiences. 

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