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Zika Outbreak: Stop the Spread

What is the Zika Virus?

Zika is a virus transmitted by mosquitos. Originating in Brazil, the virus has since spread to 20 countries in the Americas. Symptoms can include a mild fever, skin rash, joint pain and conjunctivitis (pink eye), normally lasting 2-7 days. There is no treatment or vaccine available.

Zika Virus in the U.S.

In July 2016, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported the first cases of Zika virus infections in the continental U.S. that were likely caused by mosquito bites in Miami, Florida. (Other cases of Zika had been confirmed in the U.S., but were related to travel to Central and South America, or sexual contact with an infected traveller.) Save the Children’s experts offer these simple actions to help protect children from the Zika virus, and prevent the disease from spreading.

Who's At Risk for Contracting Zika?

Although anyone can contract the virus, the greatest threat is to unborn babies. Medical professionals believe there’s a link between microcephaly and other poor outcomes for babies when pregnant mothers contract the virus. The number of those at risk increases in correlation with the population of Aedes mosquitos. Countries in South and Central America with tropical climates are at risk – and the rainy season will likely increase mosquito populations, raising the overall risk of Zika virus further.

What is Save the Children Doing about Zika?

Save the Children is working to educate children and families in some of the most under-served and isolated communities in the U.S. about Zika. We offer programs and work with partners in 200 schools across 20 states – these locations will benefit from Zika education and outreach.

Resources & Tools

Learn more about Zika prevention with these resources from our trusted partners:

For Families

For Care Providers/Schools

For Children

How You Can Help?

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