Letter Writing

Send words of hope and encouragement to a child in need!

Send your love and support to a child in need today!

Coronavirus is a global pandemic that will have far-reaching impacts, not only the health of children, families and their communities, but also on education, protection, food supplies and social interaction. As school closings are disrupting children’s education and there’s a growing risk to children’s psychological wellbeing, it’s as important now more than ever to take time to send some words of encouragement to children in our sponsorship programs around the world. We are all in this together and writing a letter or sending a drawing is a great way to connect! It’s also a great way to engage your own children, allow them to express themselves and support other children around the world!

To send an email, click here. You can also attach a handwritten letter or drawing.  We’ve provided a template here if you are interested!

We suggest beginning your letter with a warm welcome, such as “Dear friend,” or “Hi there!” and we have included a list of dos and don’ts below to support you as you write some words of encouragement.

Due to global shut-downs and social distancing practices, we will not be able to deliver your letter immediately, but rest assured that we are saving all the letters we receive and once we can fully ensure the safety and health of children and our staff, our teams will work hard to deliver your words of encouragement to children in our sponsorship programs. While delivery of these letters may be delayed, this is a wonderful opportunity to bring a smile to a child and let them know that a friend from around the world cares about them.

*I understand that by participating I agree to allow Save the Children to contact me by email


What to write about

  • Your family
    Your pets
    Your job
    Your favorite sport
    Your favorite book
    Your hobbies
    Where you live

Topics to avoid

  • Last names
    Contact information, home addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, social media accounts
    Health-related topics
    Culturally sensitive subjects

Where we'll send your letters

Sponsorship letter writing map

Change the life of a child today! Learn more about our sponsorship programs and sponsor a child here.

If you or your organization is interested in hosting a virtual letter writing event? Contact Maha Karahamad at letters@savechildren.org for more information.


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