What If You Could Change the Course of a Girl's Life?

What if you could guide her... give her hope... even save her?

Girls around the world face lifelong inequalities, just because they’re girls. A girl can be kept out of school. She can be forced to marry, far too soon. A girl can be underage labor in a dangerous factory. She can be abducted by traffickers. She can die from violence, malnutrition or a lack of health care.

But with a strong start in life, #SheCanBe so much more. A student, a teacher, a doctor, a scientist, an athlete… or anything she wants to be. That’s why Save the Children is an outspoken champion for girls – empowering girls like Mamta (pictured above) to live their lives, speak their minds and determine their own futures. Read her story.

Without Your Help

Malnutrition Graphic by Save the Children 2018

girls are 2x more likely than boys to die from malnutrition

School House Graphic by Save the Children 2018

Out of School
girls are 3X more likely than boys

Fist Graphic by Save the Children 2018

A Victim of Sexual Violence or Trafficking
girls are 2X more likely than boys

How Is Save the Children Helping Girls?

Save the Children works to empower girls around the world. We help ensure girls stay in school. We support survivors of violence and exploitation. We help girls transition to adulthood. We advocate to end harmful practices like child marriage. And we work to help girls and women, boys and men understand the importance of gender equality.
But we can't do it without you.

Ten-year old Mamta outside of her family home in the Sarlahi region of Nepal. Mamta's mother tragically died from complications from a seizure – but without any doctors in the community, her mother never had a formal diagnosis or received treatment for her illness. Now Mamta lives with her grandparents, in a home without a bathroom or running water. “The hardest thing about growing up is that I do not have a mother, anymore," she said. Save the Children will be opening adolescent sexual and reproductive health programs in the community to help girls learn how to handle puberty and to help them stay in school. When girls start menstruating, they often drop out. Photo credit: Victoria Zegler / Save the Children, May 2018.
She Can Be a Teacher graphic. Credit: Save the Children

Meet 10-year-old Mamta from rural Nepal. After her mother’s tragic death, Mamta moved into her grandparents’ one-room home, which they share with the family’s livestock. Her grandparents do the best they can, but sometimes Mamta goes to school hungry.

Mamta misses her mom and worries about the future. If she follows the same path as her older sister, she’ll have to leave school behind at age 14, get married and start a having babies right away. Another girl trapped in the cycle of poverty and gender inequality.

Mamta wants more. “I want to wait until I am at least 22 years old to get married, so I can have a career as a teacher,” she says with longing. Mamta wants to stay in school, get a job and only get married when she’s ready. She wants a better future.

Thanks to you, Save the Children’s program in Mamta’s community is helping adolescent girls and their families understand the importance of education and gender equality. So girls like Mamta are empowered!

Give a girl like Mamta a strong start in life, so she can determine the future of her dreams. #SheCanBe.

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