We’re Doing Whatever it Takes to Save Every Last Child.

Every child deserves a chance to grow up healthy, learning and safe. Children don’t decide to live in war-torn countries. Schoolgirls don’t choose to get abducted, or turned into child brides. Babies don’t cause drought. Still, millions of children are sick, hungry, in danger – both here and around the world.

We’re on the ground helping create a fair chance for all children. And we’ll continue to do whatever it takes to save every last child. Join us!

Amena's Story

Each and every day, children are fleeing for their lives after seeing their homes destroyed and their loved ones killed. These refugee children have been largely ignored by the world and are struggling to survive. On the move for weeks at a time, they are tired, sick, hungry and desperate for help. Many end up on dangerously overcrowded boats bound for Europe. It’s a terrible risk, but there’s often no other choice if these children hope to live.

Last year alone, more than 800 refugee children escaped the horrors of war, only to drown in the Mediterranean Sea. In response to this horrific and preventable tragedy, Save the Children invested in a new search and rescue vessel that has so far saved more than 400 children from drowning at sea.

One of these children is 5-year old Amena.* Now safe with her family and far from harm, it’s hard to imagine that she was recently saved from certain death at sea. Watch Amena’s dramatic rescue, and learn how you can help give forgotten and desperate children like Amena the chance to grow up healthy, learning and safe.
*Child’s name changed for protection.

For Too Many Children, Help Never Comes.

In the space of a generation, child mortality and school drop-out rates have been cut in half. That’s the good news. Tragically, millions of children are unfairly excluded from the world’s progress – without the chance to survive, to receive a quality education or feel safe from violence.

Who are the world's forgotten children? Most often they are girls, children with disabilities, children from ethnic or religious minority groups, children fleeing conflict, and children living in poverty or on the streets.

  • 1 in 10 children lives in a conflict
  • 400 million children live in extreme poverty
  • 150 million children have a disability

We’re Saving Every Last Child. Whatever It Takes.

2016 was a year of great progress for children. But we have so much more to do. Through Save the Children's Every Last Child global campaign, we will work to ensure the world’s children have what every child deserves – a future. We’ll tackle the key reasons children are left behind, and we’ll work to ensure 15 million children have access to lifesaving health care and quality education. By 2030, we will strive to prevent the deaths of 600,000 children and give 50 million more children the opportunity to learn.

With your help, we will ensure:

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No child dies from preventable causes.

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All children learn from a quality basic education.

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Violence against children is no longer tolerated.


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