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Looking for even more fun activities? It's all here in the 100 Days of Reading Library! Every action you do here will help unlock healthy food and educational resources for kids in rural America. So, click, tap, read — for kids in need. 

Fun & Entertainment

Help Amelia Bedelia find the words! Download here

Get helpful advice, enjoy fun activities, and learn why American Girl’s historical and contemporary characters matter.  Download here

Match these words with their pictures! Download here

Do you know who else loves tacos? DRAGONS! Explore these fun activities for lovers of tacos and dragons. Download here

Have fun with Fancy Nancy word games! Download here

Calling all Madeline fans! Get ready to draw your very own Madeline with this drawing activity. Download here

Have fun with words and crafts! Download here

Howdy! Have a blast coloring in Farmer Jen! Play here

Howdy! Have a blast coloring in Farmer Jen! Download here

What a hoot! Color in an awesome owl! Download here

Catch a ride and color in this cool tractor! Download here

Help Paddington fill in the letters! Download here

Groovy, fun activities with Pete the Cat! Download here

Word games are Peterrific! Download here

Think pink with Pinkatastic words! Download here

Bring out your favorite crayons and create your own masterpiece with this fun Spot coloring sheet! Download here

Join Junie B. Jones on another hilarious adventure when she graduates kindergarten. Download here

For lovers of caterpillars and butterflies, these Very Hungry Caterpillar activities will surely keep you full! Download here

Fun activities all about YOU! Download here

Fill in and find all the words! Download here

For one day you can do anything you want! What would YOU do? Download here

Harry is a white dog with black spots. Harry loves everything… except baths! So, one day before bath time, Harry runs away! Written by Gene Zion. Watch here

Create your own sunny, summer camp project schedule with these printables! Download here

Kids will love checking off their bingo card and finding fun and silly ways to read! (Have you ever read in a fort?) Download here

There are two sides to every story. A little girl finds a strange beast and takes it home as a pet. But the beast thinks it’s been kidnapped! Written by Fiona Roberton. Watch here

Get the popcorn ready for a puppet show! This activity can help your children develop characters and storytelling skills.


When crime happens, especially when food goes missing on Ed’s farm, mouse crime fighters and food detectives Wilcox and Griswold are the animals to call. Written by Robin Newman. Watch here.

There’s education in entertainment. This activity develops a child’s critical thinking skills.

Henry’s whole family is hockey mad. Everyone except Henry. But when he sees his first ice dancing performance, Henry realizes there’s something he can do on ice. Written by Sandra Bradley. Watch here.

Snappsy the alligator is having a normal day when a pesky narrator steps in to spice up the story. Is Snappsy reading a book… or is he making CRAFTY plans? What’s the truth? Written by Julie Falatko. Watch here.

The story of Jane Addams, the first American woman to receive the Nobel Peace Prize. She transformed a poor Chicago neighborhood by opening up her home. Written by Tanya Lee Stone. Watch here.

Before everyone recycled, there was a town that had 3,168 tons of garbage and nowhere to put it. What did they do? Enter the Garbage Barge! “Pee-yew!”

Brrr! Georgie waskes up to a freezing morning in 1920’s Pennsylvania and gets the bad news that there’s no coal to heat the farmhouse. His friend Harley drags him off to find some “black gold.” Written by Alane Adams.

There are no mirrors in my Nana’s house. No mirrors to reflect the cracks in the wall, the clothes that don’t fit, the trash in the hallway. But there is love. Written by Ysaye M. Barnwell.

When Carla brings weird sandwiches to school, her classmates have plenty to say about them. “That’s disgusting!” says Nate. But Carla thinks otherwise. “It’s unique. It’s creative.” Written by Debbie Herman.

Learn how to write a song with Craig Benzine, The WheezyWaiter on YouTube!

School's out for the summer! Help Junie B. find all the words in this summery word search.

Mason receives a gift from Pa’s civil rights group: a typewriter. Mason teaches himself to type and is soon using his typing skills to triumph over prejudice and to break racial barriers. Written by Pamela M. Tuck.

Mo is a zombie who loves nothing more than growing, cooking and eating vegetables. But his parents want him to eat zombie cuisine! Written by Megan and Jorge Lacera.

Pete the Cat is trying to remember what it takes to be a good friend. Can you help him?

The simple story of a poor shoemaker and his wife who suddenly find they are getting help from a mysterious source. They discover their little helpers are elves. Written by Brothers Grimm and Jim LaMarche.

Every day pick a new letter for your kids to identify objects around them. (That silent P can be tricky!)
Start a dream journal with your family. Are there themes? (A good way to teach kids that dreams can be good, too!)
Recently Added! 
Jennifer Garner and author Cleo Wade sat down to chat about the story behind Cleo’s book, What The Road Said. Keep going...keep going... 

Recently Added!
Join Annette Bening reading The Tooth Marissa loves candy – maybe too much. She wakes with a toothache, and on the way to the dentist, she sees a man sitting on a grate on the sidewalk to keep warm. Written by Avi Slodovnick.

Reading Resources

Have a blast soaring through your Molar System and learning all about your teeth! Watch here

Have a blast soaring through your Molar System and learning all about your teeth! Watch here

Join the beloved Berenstain family as they learn about caring. Download here

Do you know who loves reading? Llama Llama! Check out these fun reading chart activity sheets if you love reading too! Download here

Spend a day getting to know Angelina Ballerina in Mouseland! Download here

Are you a purple person? Find out with this handy checklist! Download here

Find out what happens when Thomas the Tank Engine finds Jack’s magic beans! Download here

Find out the answer to this question and other questions about science and nature! Download here

What wonderful things will you be when you grow up? The sky’s the limit! Download here

Ever wonder what it’s like to design dresses? Become a fashion designer with Barbie and learn all about it! Download here

Where do you like to read? On the floor? Under a table? On a swing? Draw a picture and then grab a book and go!

Staying Active & Healthy

Get ready for an at-home obstacle course the whole family can enjoy! Download here

Create an imaginary restaurant! Plan a menu and have them write tasty descriptions. Peanut butter and jelly pizza, anyone? 

Can your child help Fancy Nancy and her best friend Bree label the pictures in her explorer’s notebook? Download Now

Writing with different tools can help create excitement around literacy and storytelling.

A fun exercise that children can do anywhere – anytime they need to take a little break.

Celebrate July 4th with red white & blue fruit skewers! They’re an easy, delicious and fun activity for kids of all ages. Find the recipe here! Watch here

Join MasterChef contestant Hetal Vasavada and learn how to make a yummy mango mint lemonade. Now, who wants to hold a lemonade stand? Watch here

The Search for Toofus After returning from her Adventures in the Molar System, Wilder discovers that Toofus, the cat, is missing! Download this storybook now!

Kids love to experiment and explore. This DIY Blue’s Clues & You! sensory bin is an easy way to channel their curiosity into play time.

Stretching with a young child is also a good way to help learn the names of body parts. Touch your toes! Relax your neck!

Playing with dough helps children's dexterity and hand-eye coordination – and making letters and words can help literacy and math.

Looking for a fun way to cool down? Join TV chef Tom Kerridge and discover how to make Speedy Banana Ice Cream!

Visit your supermarket's International aisle and take your family on a culinary trip! Write down your recipes and reactions. 

families & feelings

Circle all the words that describe your best friend with this Mouse and Frog activity sheet. Download here

Pick a book, have your child practice reading it aloud, and share their success with family members! Download now

A wonderful way to show gratitude. Don't forget this weekend is Father's Day - kids can write about Dad, a grandfather - any role model.

Pancakes? Religious services? Cartoon marathons? Tell your family how you spent Sunday mornings as a child.

Sing and dance to a catchy tune while learning about what makes other people around you special and unique! Listen here

This activity teaches directions like “under,” “above,” and “on” when you’re building a cozy reading fort.

What do you want to discover with your child? This fun activity teaches kids how to express their feelings – and how to upcycle!

Create a story as a family. Here’s how: one person starts the story, then the next person takes over and adds the next few sentences. Hear the story change and grow!

Knowing where they came from gives your child a sense of self. This activity can bring your children closer to grandparents and relatives they haven’t seen in a while.

What’s a ZIP code? Where do I put the stamp? Teach your child how to write a letter and go mail it together.

Pausing to think teaches children the importance of taking time to understand the information they’re receiving.

Let kids’ imaginations soar –all you need is a jar and some paper. This activity is perfect for a day at the park or a long car ride!

Recently Added! 
Walk or take the bus? Brown bag or cafeteria? Talk about your school days to remind them you were once a kid, too!

Recently Added! 
Read and Sequence Activity Today is #NationalWildlifeDay. Download and print this activity that teaches kids about what it’s like to be a rhinoceros, inside a dog!

stem activities

Do you have a little Galileo at home? Show your kids the stars, the moon, constellations – and then have them draw what they saw! Download Now

The sky is full of stories. Take your child out to a park, lie on your back, and experience cloud gazing together.

Join Wonder Lab’s Emily Calandrelli as she shows how science experiments can be easy, colorful (and fun!)

Look up your child’s birthstone with them, and dive into learning about it. Does it match their personality?

Go on a math scavenger hunt. How many cubes, pyramids and prisms can your child find? Cylinders? What about octagons? (Hint: STOP signs!)

Everything is a shape. Pick household items - like your dinner table - and have your child name all the shapes they can recognize. This teaches children shapes are everywhere, even in their home.

Did you read under the covers with a flashlight after bedtime? Explore this fun way to keep kids reading with your child.

Is your child a future astronomer? Create the Big Dipper (or your favorite constellation) in this simple activity.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Do you know about the pilot Amelia Earhart? Find out what makes her a role model and design your very own plane! Download here

Make your own colorful creations and learn about famous painter Frida Kahlo! Download here

A role model who is out of this world! Learn about Katherine Johnson who helped astronauts land on the moon! Download here

These Harper Collins Publishers books celebrate honor Juneteenth and Black History. Read them all summer – and especially on June 19th. Learn More

Break down stereotypes with books that broaden children’s horizons and challenge misperceptions about gender roles. Go Now

Look up signs and learn how to ask, “How are you?” and to reply with the signs, “Good,” “Bad” and “Thank you.”

This Barbie Role Model – Katherine Johnson – shows children how important STEM can be. Her math helped NASA put an astronaut into orbit.

Recently Added! 
Talk about a child who lives in a different part of the world. Discuss how cultural differences can be celebrated to help make our planet better for everyone.

kids advocate for kids

Scroll through this list of books about young activists and change makers. Read with your kids and discuss our conversation starters. Read more

Head Start gives kids a strong start on their educational journey. Download this coloring sheet for your kids and learn more about the program here.

Could your child be the next Greta Thunberg? Here are some ways to teach kids how to use their voices to make change.

Download this coloring sheet of yummy fruits and teach your children how healthy food is critical to their development.

This creative exercise is almost as fun as a day at the beach! Show your chiild how to draw letters, shapes and numbers with their fingers.


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