Meet Professor Mamta

Dreaming of a career, first

Meet 10-year-old Mamta from rural Nepal. After her mother’s tragic death, Mamta moved into her grandparents’ one-room home, which they share with the family’s livestock. Her grandparents do the best they can, but sometimes Mamta goes to school hungry.

Mamta misses her mom and worries about the future. If she follows the same path as her older sister, she’ll have to leave school behind at age 14, get married and start a having babies right away. Another girl trapped in the cycle of poverty and gender inequality.

But Mamta wants more. “I want to wait until I am at least 22 years old to get married, so I can have a career as a teacher,” she says with longing. Mamta wants to stay in school, get a job and only get married when she’s ready. She wants a better future.

Thanks to you, Save the Children’s program in Mamta’s community is helping adolescent girls and their families understand the importance of education and gender equality. So girls like Mamta are empowered!

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