Every good deed on behalf of a child starts a ripple of change – changing the lives of children, families and entire communities.


Sophia* lives in rural California, where stray dogs roam the streets and there’s little access to education. That’s why her Mom enrolled her in our early education program, where she got a firm foundation in reading, math and science. Who knows, Sophia may one day help those stray pups when she achieves her dream of becoming a veterinarian. 

For 100 years, Save the Children has been the outspoken champion for children, ensuring their voices are heard and their issues are top priority. Find out how one small act from you creates a ripple of change – that spreads to children, families and communities like Sophia’s.

*Name changed for protection.


Jasmine, a beneficiary of Save the Children’s Community-based Management of Acute Malnutrition (CMAM) program in the Phillipines. Photo credit Carlo Gabuco / Save the Children, June 2018.

Future five-star cook. Two-year old Jasmine from the Philippines loves to “pretend cook” alongside her mother. But she wasn’t always this active. Her mom wondered why baby Jasmine was so silent and still, and brought her to Save the Children. We diagnosed Jasmine’s malnutrition and provided emergency therapeutic food. Now, Jasmine’s mom thinks she could grow up to be a chef, nourishing others.

Ten-year-old Mamta participates in a social activity with kindergarteners and Save the Children staff during the school day on Tuesday, May 1, 2018 in the Sarlahi region of Nepal. Mamta is currently attending the third grade, two years behind for her age, resulting in not enough support earlier in her education. Currently in Mamta's community the kindergarten, first grade and preschool are all combined. "If Save the Children can help me finish my studies, that would be nice," Mamta said. Photo credit: Victoria Zegler / Save the Children, May 2018.

Determined to make dreams come true.
Without Save the Children, 10-year-old Mamta from Nepal was expected to leave school, get married and start having babies by age 14. But Mamta wants to stay in school, get a job and become a teacher. One day, girls and boys will look up to Mamta at the front of a classroom, living her dream – and inspiring theirs.

Judson, 9, stands in the hallway of his school in Kentucky. Judson is part of Save the Children’s Guided Independent Reading Practice, an in-school literacy program that provides training, tools and support schools need to accelerate reading growth for struggling readers. Photo credit: Ellery Lamm / Save the Children, March 2018.

Ready to write his future.
Until he joined Save the Children’s in-school reading program, Judson struggled to make sense of books. Soon he realized that stories could take him places he never imagined – and he even started writing his own tales. Now, Judson’s classmates eagerly await the short stories he hands out – and he’s deciding who will be the leading actor in his first script.


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