Tracie now works at Save the Children as a School Aged Program specialist. Photo Credit: Save the Children, U.S. Programs

Tracie now works at Save the Children as a School Aged Program specialist.

Meet Tracie

Tracie has been working at Save the Children as a School Aged Program Specialist for over two years. Her connection to Save the Children started much earlier though, when she was in elementary school in Eastern Kentucky and began participating in Save the Children's Child Sponsorship program. She credits her sponsors for helping shape her into the woman she has become.

"I don't know how different my life could have been without sponsorship, but I do know that as a child whose father put little stock in reading, books or education that I probably wouldn't have valued the idea of education, going to college or helping less fortunate children the way I do now," Tracie said.

Neither of Tracie's parents went to college and only one graduated high school with a GED, so education was never a high priority in their household. But both of Tracie's sponsors encouraged her to do well in school so she could one day earn a college diploma.

"What they didn't know they were doing at the time was shaping my ideals on helping others, instilling the desire to work with kids, and the need to make them have access to things they need to thrive like books, educational opportunities, health and nutrition and much more."

Tracie now works to make sure other children in her hometown have the opportunity to grow and learn just like she did. As a School Aged Program Specialist, Tracie uses contributions from sponsors to stock school libraries with current book titles. She also hopes to soon be able to sponsor a child of her own, along with her two young children. "I want my children to be able to help pick out a child to sponsor so that way they can share in the program I participated in as a child. I believe it will be a wonderful learning opportunity for them in lots of ways, as well as to help make them both more caring, compassionate children to the needs of others around them and beyond. I want them to encourage others to strive to be the best they can be!"


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