Teacher Ali in his classroom. Photo credit: Save the Children 2019.

Ali's Teaching Journey with Save the Children


By: Ali Armin, A teacher at Save the Children sponsorship-supported school

Everything new in life is uncertain, just like when Save the Children arrived at this school. We didn’t even know how to pronounce it; it was completely unknown to us.

We thought that it was just another program, one more NGO. Nevertheless, when I visited other schools around I saw new water filters, books and libraries refurbished, all that by Save the Children, after seeing that I was definitely excited to hear more about this organization.

Teacher Ali at his desk. Photo credit: Save the Children 2019.

Teacher Ali at his desk.

The enthusiasm in which the project was presented to us made me get more interested in searching for more information about SC Sponsorship. Through social media, I found that this project was huge and it has a high social impact.

As time went through, I got familiar with Save the Children. I will never forget one day when SC staff arrived at my classroom, and they were looking for a student because a sponsor has sent her a letter and a big gift.

I was so moved when I saw the girl face because I know how these actions impact a child with limited possibilities to access to clothes and play toys. I couldn’t believe that a person could support and send an encouraging message to keep studying for a child who did not know. Being part of this moment was touching, so I decided to write a thank-you letter to her sponsor because I’ve learned that in life people have to be grateful.

Teacher Ali grading Olivia’s homework. Photo credit: Save the Children 2019.

Teacher Ali grading Olivia’s homework.

Gradually, I became more interested in this project, when SC Staff started to work with us, the teachers. They have trained us and provided literacy boost materials in order to enhance our teaching practices for our students. These strategies are innovative for us, and we are very happy with everything that SC has provided to the school.

It’s great to know that Save the Children also has political incidence, children’s voices must be heard. I saw a few months ago, that SC staff came to interview children in relation to the past political elections, and I was glad to hear how a 4th-grade student gave his opinion about political candidates and the problems in our country.

As part of my role as a teacher, I witnessed the “Early childhood agreement” in my state, with political candidates of the community. Many guests to this event didn’t know what Save the Children does, and through my experience, I explain them with excitement about the actions that SC have done at my school and the community.

Teacher Ali in his classroom with his students. Photo credit: Save the Children 2019.

Teacher Ali in his classroom.

I believe and I defend this program, I helped that more and more people know about what SC does because I have seen the great impact you have on children. I am grateful to every person who makes possible Save the Children exists, and overall is privileged to be part of this program, we are going we are doing great changes together for the children.


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