Hundreds of millions of children worldwide have their childhoods cut short.

The major reasons include ill-health, malnutrition, exclusion from education, child labor, child marriage, teen pregnancy, conflict and extreme violence. The Global Childhood Report examines these factors and ranks 180 countries on how well they protect and provide for their children.

Click below to see how well 180 countries prioritize children. For details, and to view the full ranking, download the Global Childhood Report.

Top 10
Where childhood is least threatened
  1. 1. Singapore
  2. 2. Slovenia
  3. 3. Finland
  4. 3. Sweden
  5. 5. Norway
  1. 6. Ireland
  2. 6. Netherlands
  3. 8. Italy
  4. 8. Portugal
  5. 8. South Korea
Bottom 10
Where childhood is most threatened
  1. 171. Burkina Faso
  2. 172. Guinea
  3. 173. Madagascar
  4. 174. Nigeria
  5. 175. Somalia
  1. 176. South Sudan
  2. 177. Mali
  3. 178. Chad
  4. 179. Central African Republic
  5. 180. Niger

Compare Childhood Enders by Country

Download the Global Childhood Report 2020.

Stop coronavirus from devastating vulnerable children’s lives.

Give children everywhere the childhoods they deserve.


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