In 2012, Unilever made a three-year commitment to Save the Children’s largest-ever global campaign, EVERY ONE. As a lead global partner in this campaign, Unilever is working with Save the Children to stop the needless deaths of millions of children and their mothers around the world. The partnership focuses on five key priority countries: Bangladesh, China, Kenya, Nigeria and Pakistan, supporting our health and nutrition programs and advocacy work to help us reach over 2 million children and their mothers by 2016.

Unilever is also helping to scale up Save the Children’s frontline health worker capacity, as well as supporting our long-term emergency work that reaches children in danger of and recovering from disasters around the world.

Program Support

As part of their commitment to sustainable living, the Unilever Foundation partnered with Save the Children to improve the lives of 2 million children and their mothers by 2016 by providing access to health workers, basic nutrition and life-saving interventions.

The number of children under age 5 who die every year has fallen by almost half over the past two decades, down from 12 million in 1990 to 6.3 million in 2013. Over that period of time, the needless deaths of 90 million children were prevented. This dramatic progress has brought us to a tipping point in human history. We could be the first generation to make sure no child dies from diarrhea or pneumonia; that no child starves to death or faces a life sentence of hunger.

Yet despite such progress, 17,000 children under age 5 still die every day, mostly from diseases we know how to treat or prevent, or simply because they can’t get enough to eat.Together, we are working to trigger a global breakthrough on child survival and help accelerate progress so millions of children have the chance to grow up and fulfill their potential.

Product Partnerships

Save the Children has partnered worldwide with Wall’s Ice Cream, one of Unilever’s biggest global brands. In 2013, Wall's launched a campaign in the UK and Italy aimed at giving children the chance to have a happy childhood, while reminding consumers of their most cherished memories. With their "Share a Smile, Help a Child" tagline, Wall’s helped to raise funds – and raise awareness – for Save the Children's work around the world. The campaign's red balloon icon appeared on Wall's packaging for ice cream and their in-store marketing materials. In 2014, the campaign expanded to Sweden and the Philippines.

Emergency Support

The Unilever Foundation has committed their support to Save the Children’s humanitarian work before, during and after emergencies strike. Specifically,Unilever provides ongoing support to Save the Children’s long-term emergency work in Somalia and Myanmar. In addition, Unilever provides extraordinary support to Save the Children’s most urgent emergency appeals, ensuring that we can be on the ground providing care to children caught up in the most desperate situations around the world. To date, Unilever has helped Save the Children’s humanitarian responses in the Central African Republic, Gaza, South Sudan, Syria, the Philippines and the Ebola crisis in West Africa.

Unilever also supports Save the Children’s Humanitarian Health Workers, which significantly increases the capacity of frontline health workers to ensure children get the care they need when faced with disaster. Through this support, Unilever has helped Save the Children respond to the largest emergencies and also to those that don’t make the headlines.


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