Why Save the Children?

Why Save the Children

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Reason #1:

You share Save the Children's values

You believe, as we do, that every child deserves a future. Every last child.

The world has made incredible progress for children. More children are alive and thriving today than ever before.

But here's the problem. Millions of children in the U.S. and around the world still aren't getting what they deserve. We're talking about children in need. Dying, when the world knows how to save them. Vulnerable children in poverty. Denied an education. Forced to flee violence. Orphaned, abused, abandoned. Children with no reason to smile. No hope for the future.

The world's children deserve better.

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Save the Children's values

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Children at Risk

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Every day, 16,000 children die before their 5th birthday, mostly from preventable causes.

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1 in 6 children isn't in school and learning.

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Conflict is forcing 1 in 80 children to flee, risking everything just to survive.


Reason #2:

You can trust our commitment to children

The world's first and leading charity for children, we're committed to giving children what every last child deserves: a future.

Exceptional among charities for children in many ways, Save the Children has been at the leading edge of global progress for nearly 100 years. Our expertise: Giving children the best chance for the future they deserve - a healthy start in life, the opportunity to learn and protection from harm. Every day and in times of crisis. Here in the U.S. and around the world. Whatever it takes.

Top-rated by charity watch groups, we're proud to say we achieve incredible results for children - with proven efficiency, effectiveness and accountability. Independent of any government or religious affiliations.

But we can't do it without you!

Learn more about what we do.
See our charity awards and rankings.

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Give Now


When you give to Save the Children, you’re investing in a future for every last child.

Here’s how it works: Nearly 90% of every dollar you give goes straight to our mission – helping children grow up healthy, learning and safe. This percentage is adjusted each year end – as of 2016, it is 86.5%. The rest? We use to support the mission – running our programs and raising funds to help more children.
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Bottom line: Giving to Save the Children is one of the world’s best investments. Changing children’s lives now. Transforming the future we all share.
Watch “Where Your Giving Goes”.

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Reason #3:

You know you're making a difference

In 2016 alone, Save the Children reached more than 157 million children in 120 countries, including the U.S.

Results like these are only possible because of giving people like you. Whether you give a little or a lot. Every gift makes a world of difference for a child in need. How do you know? We prove it every day. We promise to keep you informed and inspired with regular updates, including real children's stories, real world results. You'll see your generosity in action. And more. Review our latest annual report.

Best of all, you'll see the smile of children who have a better life and a brighter future. Because of you.

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Ways to Give

You can feel great about giving – knowing exactly where your giving goes and all the good it does! Here’s how:

Give now and help Save the Children's work continue


Make a donation to ensure children around the world have what every child deserves: a future.

Why should I donate to Save the Children?

"Save the Children is an organization we admire so much. How can you not look at the work they do each year and not say it's amazing?"

Candy Peirson-Charlton and David Charlton,


Sponsor a child and change their future


Become someone very special in the life of a child - and you just might find it changes you, too.

Why should I sponsor with Save the Children?

"To hear regularly from a little guy from halfway around the world. To see him grow up before your eyes. I can't imagine my life without him."


Child Sponsor

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Give your loved ones the most meaningful gifts of all - there's something for every occasion.

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"We love the gift catalog! It's a great way to support Save the Children's mission - giving gifts that give children a better future."

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