A Chance for Cherish

Every child deserves a future. But America’s forgotten children are being left behind. Because it’s difficult to imagine their challenges, it can be easy to ignore their suffering.With 1 in 5 American kids living in poverty, children in dire need live right next door. See the world through the eyes of Cherish. She doesn’t have much, but she does have hope. With your help, she can fulfill her dream of one day helping others.

That’s why Save the Children partnered with RYOT, an award-winning media company, to document the life of Cherish through Virtual Reality video. This immersive 360° video will transport you into Cherish’s world, where you’ll see her struggles, hear her hopes and learn how you can help transform children’s lives and futures.

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My name is Cherish. I am 9 years old and I live in Tennessee. A couple of months ago, my dad had another heart attack, he’s had so many. Dad was so sick we had to leave our house and move in with grandma.

I love him very much, I want to make sure we are both healthy, I don’t want him to get sick again, I know we don’t have much, but I am happy to have my dogs. They are my best friends and I say good morning to them every day.

I don’t get to see my mom anymore because she has a lot of problems. When I was little we ran away together, and were living down by the train tracks. My dad rescued me, he is my hero.

He loves my school because I am happy now. I used to hate school, I couldn’t read and I didn’t listen like my teachers.

But when I was 6, Save the Children started helping me at school. Now, I love seeing my teachers with the red shirts. They showed me how to read. And now, I can read books all on my own. They helped me make so many friends. We always sing and play together. We love to pet bunnies and play with my dogs after school.

I read a lot of books now. I know how important it is to be smart. Because I want to grow up to be a doctor, I want to help people like my mom and dad.


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