World Malaria Day

Health Day

April 25, 2017 is World Malaria Day. This international observance recognizes the global efforts being done to not just control, but wipe out malaria. Despite good progress, there is still much work to be done to defeat this deadly disease.

Save the Children — together with its partners, helps communities better prevent, quickly diagnose, and treat malaria. Eliminating the mosquitoes that cause malaria and providing protection against being bitten are our top priorities.


Stefaria and Kenneth live almost 2,000 miles apart and will likely never meet. But they have several things in common: They both live in struggling Africa countries. They both lost their fathers. And they both suffered the life-threatening chills, fever, headache and vomiting that can come with malaria, transmitted by mosquitoes.

Watch their story:


Stefaria, who lives in Malawi, escaped being one of the 720 children who died from malaria each day with the help of a special first aid kit that Save the Children provides to schools in many malaria-prone areas of Africa. The kit includes a rapid malaria test and the high-powered medication needed to successfully treat the disease.


Kenneth is a 4-year-old boy who lives in Uganda. One day, a Save the Children staff member noticed Kenneth's hand was strangely hot. Kenneth became overly tired and wouldn't play outside. He was rushed to a nearby clinic, where he was quickly diagnosed and treated with life-saving anti-malaria medication.



You can help Save the Children close the gap in access to measures proven to prevent malaria. April, which is also World Health Month, is the perfect time to take action to improve and help transform countless children’s lives.

Join us in saving children from malaria.


Gift for malaria medicine

$2 can provide medicines to treat malaria and related symptoms.

Gift to protect families from malaria mosquito

$25 will provide mosquito nets to protect families where malaria is widespread.

Gift for malaria treatment

$50 gift will provide malaria treatment to save a child’s life.

Gift for malaria health professional training

$110 donation will train a health professional to accurately diagnose and treat malaria.



Matching Gifts

Employer Matching Gifts

Because of the generosity of our corporate supporters, employees have the option of doubling or even tripling their donation to Save the Children’s mission.

Sponsor a Child

Sponsor a Child in Need

Connect your loved one with a child in need and establish a friendship that will carry a special meaning for them both.

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Malaria Treatment

Malaria treatment can quickly and effectively restore the health of children suffering from this mosquito-borne disease.

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