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We invite you to consider something life-changing, in more ways than one.

Save the Children believes every child, no matter who they are or where they live, deserves a future. So we provide lifesaving essentials - water, health and hygiene, education and more - to the world's most vulnerable children in some of the toughest places to be a child.

Many have never seen clean water, much less a sanitary bathroom. Never set foot inside a classroom. Even held a book. You can forever change these children's lives - and futures.

Please consider making your philanthropic mark on the world by investing in an essential Save the Children project, which will be named in your honor or in honor of a loved one. This is your opportunity to make a powerful and eduring impact for children, right now and for generations to come, transforming entire communities for good. You just might find that it changes you, too.

Create your own life-changing legacy today

Invest in One of These Child Essentials

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Clean Water - Access to clean water keeps children healthy and in school.
Investments start at $20,000

Hygiene Icon

Hygiene - Sanitation facilities/latrines improve hygiene and help keep girls in school and learning.
Investments start at $40,000

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Education - A new or refurbished school gives more children the opportunity to learn in a safe environment.
Investments start at $123,000

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Choose Clean Water
Investment of $20,000 or more

Access to clean water is crucial to the health of children and the well-being of an entire community. Children often walk hours every day, unable to spend the time reading and playing, in order to simply obtain clean water. Diarrhea, one of the leading causes of child mortality, can be considerably reduced through access to clean water. By digging boreholes to create wells, children and communities benefit from life-giving water, limiting preventable deaths and providing kids with more time to learn and play.

Examples of countries in need — Bangladesh and Vietnam:

Choose Hygiene
Investment of $40,000 or more

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For millions of children in low-income countries, access to sanitation facilities is a luxury beyond reach. The lack of co-ed latrines may be the difference between a girl going to school or remaining home for fear of being attacked. Without access to proper sanitation, contamination of soil and water supply occurs, creating sites of infestation where insects proliferate and spread infection. It is essential to build latrines in schools to provide children with basic access to sanitation facilities. Latrines will have separate cabins for girls and boys, allowing girls to feel safe from attack or stigma surrounding menstruation, and by extension, giving girls the confidence and security to attend school. The latrines are also equipped with brick walls and hand washing stations to build hygienic habits.

Examples of countries in need — Vietnam, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Uganda:

Choose Education
Investment of $123,000 or more

Boy at school

In poor rural areas, schools are scarce and many children need to remain close to home to cultivate the land. In regions of conflict, fear of violence prevents children, especially girls, from attending school. And with the HIV/AIDS global epidemic, school-aged children are often forced to drop out of school to care for younger siblings and sick parents. The number of children who lack a quality education is staggering—in Uganda, 84% of children will never finish school and in Afghanistan, the average girl drops out at age 9.

By building and refurbishing schools in underprivileged communities, we are able to accommodate increased numbers of students, giving more children an opportunity for the education they deserve. Education empowers children by providing a strong foundation and setting them on a path of achievement, not only in school but also in the communities where they live. The improvement and building of schools for all marginalized children—and specifically girls—gives them a better chance for a lifetime of success.

Examples of countries in need — Afghanistan and Uganda:

Shawn Jorgensen and his family

Make Your Mark: One Family's Story

For Save the Children donor Shawn Jorgensen, it's all about legacy - staying true to the legacy of his father and passing down that legacy to his own children. As Shawn says, "My father always thought of helping the less fortunate, and when he died, he tasked me to do something that really mattered in the world."

Shawn has made his mark - and honored his dad through a naming opportunity with Save the Children. Recently, he had the opportunity to bring his own family to see the water project in the Dominican Republic that's named for his father.

"My dad didn't have much, but this was important to him," Shawn shares. "My kids saw the well we built and the difference we are making for children - and that will affect them the same way my father's enthusiasm affected me." The "good" goes from generation to generation.

Shawn took his desire to help children one step further and founded Save the Children's Upstate New York Volunteer Council, a group that has raised awareness and vital new support for children totaling nearly $150,000 over the past four years.

"We did more than I expected we could do," Shawn smiles. "In human terms, the difference it makes is overwhelming."

Which brings him back to the well in the Dominican Republic named for his father and the impact it's making on his own kids: "I want to visit the field as much as I can and keep this front-of-mind. I wish I'd gotten involved much earlier!"

Getting Started on Your Project

With any project that you choose, know that your generosity is changing the lives of children now and in the years to follow, creating a lasting legacy.

You can anticipate an investment with a measurable, visible impact. Your support of any of these projects will include a plaque placed on-site honoring you or a loved one, a 6-month progress update and a one year report including progress and photos of the project. You will also be able to visit your project site, if possible, and meet the children and families you are helping. Save the Children empowers communities to have ownership of programs from the start of our involvement over a 7 – 10 year timeframe, so you can be confident that the projects you support will be sustained to benefit children over the long term.

For more information or to select a named project, please contact , Thank you.

Some projects may be eligible to be funded over a multi-year period. All projects are inclusive of a mission support gift toward helping children where needs are greatest globally.

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