Save the Children’s Breakthrough Innovation Fund is a Featured Giving Opportunity on Growfund, where your contributions will fund breakthrough innovations and generate the bold new ideas needed to make a positive and lasting difference for all children. Save the Children’s innovation platform actively invests in the human capital and expertise from across our global organization and our partners, fostering human centered design approaches and allocating seed funding for the most promising ideas.

Growfund is an easy to use, no-minimum charitable giving tool, where your funds can be saved or invested to grow over time. Growfund offers a new way to give with impact and make informed decisions about your charitable gifts. You can start your Growfund, or even your family’s Growfund, with as little as $1. Your contributions to your Growfund are tax deductible, and can be invested to grow over time; so when you’re ready to give, you can make a difference for the children we serve in a really big way. Through Growfund, you can establish your very own personal foundation.

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