Gloria, Program Coordinator, U.S. Programs

Gloria is another living story of Sponsorship success and Save the Children’s work coming full-circle. She was a sponsored child herself growing up and has many fond memories of corresponding back and forth with her sponsor. That relationship left a life-long impact on Gloria. Her sponsors’ encouragement to pursue her education led Gloria to be one of the few in her community to go on to college. Today, she is proud to be the Program Coordinator for one of Save the Children’s partner schools. Gloria also works as a Sponsorship Liaison and enjoys facilitating the relationship between sponsors and children through letters, as this was the very relationship that she enjoyed so much as a child.She enjoyed it so much that she made sure her daughter and twin grandsons also had a chance to be sponsored themselves. Gloria was thrilled to see both boys graduate high school recently, an accomplishment that might never have been possible if she hadn’t been inspired by her sponsor way back when.

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