Kids Sponsoring Kids

Siblings Kate and Max live in Connecticut. They each sponsor kids the same age and gender as themselves and love exchanging letters and drawings with kids on the other side of the world, learning about their daily lives there. At a sponsorship reception held in December 2014, the pair signed up to be the first sponsors of our new programs in Uganda. Afterwards, 9-year-old Kate gave this moving presentation to her class at school:

“I [already] sponsor a child in Ethiopia and I think it’s great. I got to meet two men from Uganda, Samuel and Oscar, at a holiday party for Save the Children. I thought it was really cool because my brother and I were the first people to sponsor children in Uganda. When we said we would do this, they were really excited. One of the things Oscar said was, ‘I won’t remember this day for just once, but for many years.’ He told me that if you sponsor one child, it helps the whole community because they know that you care about them.”

Kate and Max are powerful examples of our next generation of change-makers. Their story proves that kids sponsoring other kids can make a meaningful difference in so many lives – now and for the future we all share.

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