Rocks for Syria Sale

After hearing about the Syrian refugee crisis in the news and from their mother, Ursula Lenschow, a group of young ladies from Greenwich, CT decided they needed to take action. They came up with a wonderful idea: to gather rocks at Tod’s Point, their local beach, and create art from them. They painted the rocks in beautiful shades and applied glitter to them. They set up a table in from of the Old Greenwich Fire Station with hand-made signs and sold their wares to passersby. About 10 girls in all participated in the event, and managed to raise over $1000 dollars, all of which will be donated to Save the Children’s Syrian refugee relief efforts. The girls understand how lucky they are, and expressed a wish for the children of Syria to be as lucky as they are, and to have a better education. Save the Children is so grateful to these young people who used their creativity for positive change in the world through this very successful and grass roots fundraising effort. Well-done ladies!

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