Ultra-Cool Athlete Nitin Kadam

California native Nitin Kadam is committing to run 12 ultramarathons and 3 marathons in the year 2015 to raise money and awareness for Save the Children. His fundraising goal is $25,000. While he only started running last year, he’s had an interest in non-profits since his high school days and wanted to run for a cause. After researching many organizations, he decided on Save the Children because of its global presence. “I was drawn to the Save the Children organization because of the extreme work that they do to help the innocent children of our world push past the limitations of their bodies and fight for their health. Save the Children invests in childhood – every day – in times of crisis and for our future,” he says. Nitin has a full time job as a software architect and finds his schedule challenging: “Whenever I’m having a low point, I think about the children. And I say to myself, ‘Nitin, you must go on’. Your cause motivates me to wake up every morning at 3:45 and go for my trainings and run my ultra-marathons.” If you’d like to donate to his page, go to www.savethechildren.org/DIY/onestepatatime Best of luck to you Nitin, you’re our hero!

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