Going the Extra Mile for Children in Need

Alan Thompson
Alan Thompson stopped by the Save the Children office during his journey. He is biking the perimeter of the country to raise awareness about Save the Children's mission.

From time to time, many people can claim they’ve “gone the extra mile” completing a task at hand. That is, until they hear the story of Alan Thompson. Thompson, 65, a retired teacher from Sylvania, Ohio, set off on his bicycle on August 17, 2015 with a lofty goal in mind. He plans to ride around the perimeter of the United States, with the hope of raising funds and awareness for two of his favorite charities: Habitat for Humanity and Save the Children.

The feat will cover about 9,000 miles, and if all goes well, should take him about 9 months. He plans to ride roughly 50 miles per day, pulling between 90 and 100 pounds on a trailer attached to his bicycle

"I’ve had my fair share of adventure in life, so the main purpose here is to generate funds for Habitat For Humanity and Save The Children. If I can do that, then it will be a good thing to do and an effort well intentioned and spent," Thompson said.

Thompson's journey began in 1985 when he took a year's sabbatical from teaching to travel the world with his bike. During this time a famine was occurring in Ethiopia, and Thompson used his situation to raise awareness of the relief efforts happening there.

Now, nearly 33 years later, Thompson has bicycled on 5 of the 7 continents and has always considered bicycle travel a wonderful way to encounter the world and all the different types of people living in it.

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