Face-to-Face Save the Children Charity Fundraising

“I have seen the emotion, the strength and the excitement of our new sponsors [and donors] and know that face-to-face is most rewarding. I am proud to represent a charity using a technique that brings empowering words to life." — Marina, Developing Awareness

Have you met one of our fundraisers in your neighborhood?

Since 2001, Save the Children has been face-to-face fundraising, also known as canvassing, as an important way to raise funds so we can help more children. We work with leading professional agencies who are trusted, vetted and reliable. This allows us to reach more caring people like you all over the country.

Face-to-face is one of the most successful ways to bring thousands of compassionate supporters to the Save the Children family.

You may meet Save the Children representatives in your city, in your community or at your local mall. They’re dedicated and passionate people, committed to children’s causes. What’s more, they’re knowledgeable about the work our experts do in the field to save children’s lives, protect them from harm and give them the opportunity to learn.

How can I be sure the fundraiser is really from Save the Children?

Save the Children representatives wear a name tag and are dressed in apparel with our logo. Check out the photo above.

Is My Information Secure?

Absolutely! Our fundraisers use tablets to collect information electronically which ensures the security of our donors.

Meet Some of Our Canvassers


“I was born and raised in Ethiopia. I grew up seeing women, children, the elderly, and even people with disabilities living on street corners. I consider myself lucky because what I do every single day makes others happy and restores their future. It has been an honor to represent an organization like Save the Children that works to ensure that future." — Getachew, Donorworx

How You Can Make A Difference

Sponsor a Child Today

You can create a lasting, personal bond and change a child’s life by helping provide nutrition, health care, education and much more – all for about a $1 a day.

Become a Partner for Children

Join us! Together we will provide kids with the best chance for success by opening doors for a healthy start, an opportunity to learn and protection from harm.

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Our Canvassing Partners

Save the Children is proud to partner with leading face-to-face fundraising agencies.

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