World Humanitarian Aid Day

The world is experiencing the largest numbers of displaced people from war-torn countries since World War II, with an unprecedented 66 million people forced from their homes in conflict zones. Save the Children humanitarians are to doing whatever it takes to ensure that every war- and violence-affected child grows up healthy, safe, educated and with the future that she or he deserves, Save the Children works non-stop to help these children not just survive, but thrive.

How You Can Help?

A gift on World Humanitarian Day shows support for the work Save the Children does to protect the world’s most vulnerable people, as well as celebrates those who put themselves at risk to carry it out.

A particularly meaningful gift today would be to our Children’s Emergency Fund. This source of flexible funding enables us to respond immediately whenever and wherever children are in need, such as when children and families were forced to flee their homes during the bombing of Aleppo. It’s during the first hours and days of a crisis when children are most at risk, and this fund makes sure we are ready to begin saving lives immediately, rather than having to wait to raise funds.

Your gift of $15 can purchase a ready-to-grab backpack filled with emergency supplies and guidance written in easy-to-understand, child-friendly language.

A donation of $45 can provide a family of five fleeing conflict with an “on the move” shelter kit that includes a flashlight, batteries and sleeping mats.

Only $125 can feed a refugee family of six for one month.

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