Estrella's Story

By all accounts the odds were against Estrella to succeed. She lives in a rural, poverty stricken town in Kentucky in a single-parent household, and she hasn’t had the stability of attending the same school for more than one year. Her reading scores were low and she was acting out in class. She would rather spend her time outside playing than doing her homework, and she lacked the confidence and structure she needed to succeed.

Now with the help of Save the Children afterschool programs this has all changed for Estrella. She has learned to love reading and considers it one of her favorite hobbies, has improved her grades and no longer acts out in class.

The afterschool program allowed Estrella to have access to books every day, a luxury to many children from low-income families, and the tools she needed to increase her vocabulary and writing skills. She also learned about making healthy food choices and leading a healthy lifestyle, something lacking in many rural parts of America.

"I like afterschool because it is fun and you get to go with Mr. Gibson to learn about healthy choices," Estrella said. "I like reading now and taking quizzes is not as hard since I started going to Save the Children."

Although Estrella still doesn’t know what she wants to be when she grows up, she now has the opportunity to be whatever she sets her mind to. Through Save the Children programs she not only gained the knowledge she would need to succeed in school, but the confidence she would need to succeed in life.

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