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About Tanzania

Tanzania is home to some of the world's hardest to reach children. Only 16% of Tanzanian children are currently registered at birth, according to the latest Tanzania surveys. And that percentage is even lower in rural areas, making it harder to identify and help children in need. With high child mortality and drop-out rates, there is much work to be done on core elements of our mission to help children survive and thrive.

Facts About

More than 51 Million
live there

Girls only stay in school an average of 9 years

51 out of 1000 children die
before their 5th birthday

A parent earns an average
of just $2 a day

Our Work

While children, especially the poorest ones in Tanzania, still face many challenges to their survival, development, best interests and participation, the Government of Tanzania has set an enabling child rights framework for achieving positive changes in children’s lives: passing comprehensive laws to deal with children The Acts consolidate all the laws relating to children, promotion and protection of the welfare of a child. Save the Children is advocating to embed children’s rights that are proclaimed in various Policies such as the Child Development Policy, Health Policy, Employment Policy and National Nutrition Strategy among others into the new Constitution.

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Our Work in

Last Year, Save the Children...

protected 25,989
from harm

provided 421 children
with a healthy start in life

gave 1,575 children
vital nourishment

Unless otherwise noted, facts and statistics have been sourced from Save the Children’s 2014 State of the World’s Mothers report. You can access detailed data here.

Other sources as follows: Population and Life Expectancy: CIA World Factbook 2014; Human Development Rank: United Nations Development Programe 2014; Underweight Children: World Health Organization Report 2014

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