Mondelēz International is one of the world’s largest snack companies and one of Save the Children’s Global Partners. Core to Mondelēz International's strategy is the belief that business growth is directly linked to people’s well-being, both individually and globally. To that end, they launched the “Call For Well-being.”

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Mondelēz International and its Foundation’s partnership with Save the Children focuses on two core areas: 1) instilling lifelong healthy behaviors and the ability to make smart nutritional choices in children and families and 2) empowering cocoa farming communities.

Healthy Lifestyle Community Program

The Mondelēz International Foundation believes that having a positive impact on the world begins by collaborating with communities to promote active, healthy lifestyles. Learn More

Cocoa Life

Cocoa Life is Mondelēz International’s holistic cocoa program, built on the belief that empowered, thriving communities are an essential foundation for sustainable cocoa farming. Learn More

Employee Engagement

Mondelēz International employees support Save the Children both globally and locally. Learn More

Healthy Lifestyle Community Program

NGO partners during a capacity-building training in Mumbai. The training covered the active play methodology including demonstration sessions and the role of implementing staff in the field.

The Mondelēz International Foundation invests in innovative community programs and partners to help improve the lives of some of the 2.1 billion overweight and obese people worldwide. Mondelēz is working with partners, including Save the Children, to address this significant health concern for the next generation through a three-pronged approach: offering nutrition education, promoting active play and providing access to fresh foods.

Children enjoy Ready, Steady, Go! school activities in Sassari.

Mexico – In Mexico City, State of Mexico, and Puebla, all sites where Mondelēz International has operations, our partnership focuses on health and nutrition services in school, skills-based education on health and nutrition and creating a safe and enabling environment for children. We also work to build community participation and public policy that support healthy habits, good nutrition and fitness. This four-year project runs from 2015 through 2019 and aims to reach more than 17,400 children aged 2 to 13.

Italy – The Mondelēz International Foundation collaborates with Save the Children to better the well-being of children in some of Italy’s poorest areas through the Ready, Steady, Go! program. This partnership has created real and lasting change in the lives of thousands of girls and boys who would otherwise have had no access to physical activities or opportunities to improve their nutrition behaviors. Thanks to the Mondelēz International Foundation’s generosity, children, parents and families taking part in Ready, Steady, Go! have better knowledge about nutrition and have altered their lifestyles, attitudes and habits so they are leading healthier lives.

India – The goal of the Mondelēz International Foundation’s collaboration in India is to improve eating behaviors, encourage healthy habits and facilitate access to community-based health, nutrition and childhood development services. This three-year program, available in 41 communities, hopes to reach more than 40,000 children and over 32,000 mothers to:

  • Increase awareness, knowledge and practices related to healthy lifestyles and nutrition
  • Promote regular play/sports to help children and youth stay active and fit
  • Decrease obesity and overweight among children
  • Increase the number of households using fresh fruits/vegetables

Cocoa Life

Cocoa Life is Mondelēz International’s holistic cocoa program, built on the belief that empowered, thriving communities are an essential foundation for sustainable cocoa farming.

In 2015, Mondelēz expanded its partnership with Save the Children to include a three-year Cocoa Life program in Indonesia. Together, we’re working to help ensure sustainable income for cocoa farmers and to increase community-based development. We anticipate reaching 14,000 farmers (8,000 in Lampung and 6,000 in Soppeng/South Sulawesi), while engaging 6,000 women and 6,000 youth through 2018.

Cocoa Life is an integrated approach that addresses five focus areas that are key to ensuring the success and viability of cocoa-farming communities – Farming, Community, Livelihoods, Youth and Environment. The Cocoa Life program also conducts advocacy and mobilizes local government engagement and support.

Employee Engagement

A Mondelēz International employee volunteers in the Milan sports and recreational center.

Mondelēz International employees support Save the Children both globally and locally. Through the Leadership for Performance initiative, the company’s senior leaders partner with us to formulate innovative ways to address global challenges. On the local level, Mondelēz International employees in Italy, India and Mexico are involved with various aspects of our joint projects. They have helped rehabilitate recreational centers, met with children and parents and helped raise community awareness on the issues we are tackling together

India: Save the Children, in consultation with Mondelēz India, planned and organized employee engagement activities across 10 locations where Mondelēz India has a presence. Mondelēz volunteers participated in activities such as hand-washing demonstrations in schools and communities, cleanliness drives in villages, drawing competitions, active play sessions and cooking demonstrations on preparing nutritious food.

Italy: Mondelēz Italy employees have taken part in the Ready, Steady, Go! project since 2011 through activities tailored to take advantage of their attitudes, hobbies and talents. They have helped create fruit and vegetable gardens and supported maintenance works in our Center in Milan; helped clean up a playground in Naples and pruned trees and flowers in a park in Sassari, making it a more pleasant place to relax and play.

Mexico: In Mexico, Mondelēz International employees frequently participate corporate volunteer activities including contributing to weight-and-height measurement programs in schools in Mexico City and Puebla; building educational kits and distributing toys for children who attend Save the Children’s Early Childhood Development (ECCD) Program; and joining large-scale volunteer events like Mondelēz Circus, Mondelēz Olympics and “Mondelicious Christmas”.

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