Invest in Childhood.

Every child deserves a strong start – the best chance for a successful future. But too many children right here in the U.S. and around the world aren’t getting the opportunity to reach their full potential. You can help change that.

Give a child like Sajita a reason to smile – now and in her future

Watch Change Happen.

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Sponsorship Transforms Lives

The startling reality is that 58 million young children remain unschooled, most of them girls. That is why support from sponsors is so critical. Sponsorship gives children the gift of brighter futures – one child at a time. Save the Children achieves lasting impact for children through partnerships and provide tools that empower entire communities to better support their children’s health, education, protection and growth – breaking the cycle of poverty for generations to come.

The opportunity to learn gives children the best chance for a lifetime of success. Sponsored girls and boys get the extra help they need to learn to read, write and solve math problems. What’s more, the books, snacks and healthy activities sponsors help us provide keep children energized and engaged. When deprived children have the support they need to do well in school, then they have a better chance to beat the odds and grow up to be proud and productive members of their community.

Together, we are striving to change the odds.


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Girls in poverty are
5 times more likely to become a child bride.

United States

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Children in poverty are 40% more likely to become a teen parent.


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58 million young children remain unschooled.

United States

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Children in poverty are 25% more likely to drop out of school.

For about a $1 a day, you can change the life of a child by becoming a child sponsor

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Through the power of Sponsorship, you help ensure children have the best chances for success — with a healthy start, the opportunity to learn and protection from harm.

How Sponsors Help
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Did you know that only about 1 out of 3 4th graders in the U.S. can read at grade level? If disadvantaged students are mentored, then they can transform into lifelong learners.

Early Steps to School Success
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Together with our sponsors, we are transforming children’s lives — and futures. Meet some of our sponsored children and read their success stories.

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