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Meet the Children and Sponsors Forever Changed by Sponsorship

Each of our generous sponsors helps us ensure that a child in need has the best chance for success – with a healthy start, the opportunity to learn and protection from harm. Together, we are transforming children's lives - and futures.

Meet some of the children whose lives have been forever changed through the power of Sponsorship… and a few of the many sponsors who are making change like this possible.

Child Stories


Meet Blandhina

Through letters from her sponsor, Blandhina from Malawi learned she could be whatever she wanted when she grew up.


Meet Dina

Thanks to Sponsorship programs Dina from Egypt has gained the confidence she needed to get an education.


Meet Michael

Michael, from the U.S., now loves to read and write after corresponding with his sponsor.


Meet Anderson

With help from Save the Children Sponsorship programs Anderson was able to attend school.


Meet Joey

As a child in the Philippines, Joey never dreamed he would one day be a successful businessman.


Meet Tracie

Tracie now gives back to the program that once helped her when she was in need.

Sponsor Stories

Meet Artist Ambassador Dakota Fanning

“As child sponsors, we help inspire a love of learning that leads to bright, successful futures.” Dakota, Artist Ambassador, sponsor since 2015


Meet Kevin

“I had no idea that a simple trip to CVS would lead to an unexpected friendship with a little girl, halfway across the world,” Kevin, age 23, sponsor since 2014

Kate and Max

Meet Kate and Max

"My husband and I gave our kids, Kate and Max, the gift of sponsorship for Christmas a few years ago. They loved their gift so much they asked for two more the next Christmas.” Brenda, long-time supporter of Save the Children


Meet Nick and Colette

“Last fall I ran into somebody with a Save the Children shirt on in a mall in California and I remember thinking, I should stop and see what this is all about,” Nick, age 29, sponsor since 2015

Staff Stories


Meet Delia

“If I had not participated in Save the Children's programs, I wouldn’t have a career. I barely would have finished high school and I wouldn't have earned a college degree. It’s a privilege for me to have been a sponsored child and to be able to fulfill my dream of becoming a teacher and have a better life.”

Meet Souleymane

Meet Souleymane

“Sponsorship gives thousands of children access to primary education and potable water in some of the poorest communities in Mali. Without Sponsorship, these opportunities would be a distant, unrealistic dream for many of these children.”


Meet Gloria

Gloria enjoyed participating in Sponsorship programs so much as a child. Her daughter and twin grandsons went on to have sponsors of their own. Gloria’s story shows how Sponsorship can lead to generations of success.

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