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Save the Children supports basic education in the Kapilvastu District of Kathmandu, Nepal, with Early Grade Reading and Math Skills (EGRMS). See how!

A Gift from Child Sponsors

You can provide a girl or a boy in need with the quality education they need to reach their full potential. For less than a $1 a day, you can help provide school supplies, support teacher training, literacy and numeracy programs and so much more. In 2014, there were still 58 million elementary-school age children missing out on school around the world. Through child sponsorship, you can help bring a child hope for a brighter future!

The opportunity to learn gives children the best chance for a lifetime of success. Save the Children’s basic education programs deliver high quality, low-cost learning opportunities to children in need while fostering community engagement. They emphasize improved learning outcomes to ensure children are not only attending school, but actively learning while there. Child Sponsorship programs also focus on making it possible for young girls to attend school safely. In fact, 30 million girls are still not allowed to go to school and those who do constantly face challenges to their safety and well-being.

Education is a key part of breaking the cycle of poverty, and you can invest in the future of a boy or girl in need by sponsoring a child.

Blandhina's Story

Blandhina's Story

Learning is something that really excites Blandhina, 10, but when she first started school a few years ago she wasn’t able to read or write. Now, those are her favorite hobbies and learning is something that holds a special place in her heart. Read More

Dina's Story

Dina's Story

Rural areas of Egypt typically have a cultural bias against girls. They are perceived as a burden and less important than boys. The psychological impact is dramatic and unfortunately Dina, 14, is no exception. Read More

Last Updated June 2015

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