Shovita's Story

Subita mother baby Nepal

Tom Van Cakenberghe/Save the Children

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Shovita's baby was born just days after the earthquake demolished her home and devastated her village. She and the baby are lucky to be alive. She was dangerously close to losing her new baby - and her own life - when complications arose during delivery at the village health post.

"I had a breech birth, but my baby is now safe. His name is Sachin and he is three days old," Shovita said.

Unlike many mothers in Nepal, Shovita was not alone. Her community, along with her 14-year-old daughter and 10-year-old son, rallied around her to make sure she had the necessities she and her baby needed.

"I moved out to a free community space. The people in the village helped me to move a bed, blankets and some kitchen items to this space under the stairway. I have been staying here ever since," Shovita said. "It was a very difficult time for me especially with two other children, but the community really helped me out."

Although Shovita and her children are now safe, she still worries about their future. "I still need some clothes and diapers for the baby. I do not have enough of those for my baby. We also need a permanent shelter as it is difficult for the baby to be sleeping here."

One Year Later

Subita mother baby Nepal

Shovita and her children in the temporary shelter.

Shovita and her family are still living in a temporary shelter. They had just finished building a new house made of concrete when the earthquake struck, damaging it. Living in a temporary shelter has been hard on the family of five, especially during the cold and hot, rainy seasons.

"Monsoon and summer months are coming soon and it will be even more difficult to live in this tin shelter. On rainy days, the roof leaks and on hot days, it is too hot to stay inside," she told us.

However, Shovita knows they are all lucky to be alive and is happy that her baby, Sachin, has been able to grow into a healthy child, despite a few instances of pneumonia.

"Sachin has grown and is a happy child. He eats everything from pulses to mashed vegetables."

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