Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

Children deserve a world filled with love – not hate. One where they have the chance to grow up healthy, learning and safe. One where they have a future. No matter where a child calls home, the need for love is universal. Thanks to compassionate people like you, children are growing up in a better world – for a brighter future. Let’s share the love!

Honor Someone Special

This Valentine’s Day, honor someone in your life with a gift that’s truly special – a gift of love for a child in need.

Orphan Supplies on Valentine's Day

$30 will help send an orphan to school with the supplies they need.

Community Health Care on Valentine's Day

$50 can help train a Community Health Worker to provide basic health care in crisis zones.

Learning Materials on Valentine's Day

$100 can pay the cost of referring a severely malnourished child to a stabilization center.


Other Ways to Show the Love

Educate a Girl on Valentine's Day

Educate a Girl in Need

Honor your Valentine by helping educate a girl in need. Your donation will ensure girls can grow up healthy, educated and safe.

Sponsor a Child

Sponsor a Child in Need

Connect your loved one with a child in need and establish a friendship that will carry a special meaning for them both.

Gift Catalog

Give a Sweet Gift

Give your bee-loved something sweet and meaningful this year. Choose from our gift catalog and make a life-changing gift in their honor.

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