New Year's Resolution

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The New Year is here and that means Resolution time! To some that means crash diets, punishing workouts and frenzied attempts at a life overhaul. But here at Save the Children, we believe in donating our resolutions to children. We want to turn 2018 into a brighter year for kids around the world. Here are tips on how you too can join us and turn your resolutions into Children Resolutions!

Start the New Year Right

Make the world a better place.
For as little as a dollar a day, you can help save a child's life.

Donate Now

Try a New Food Each Week

If you're a food lover and love to cook, throw a bake sale or a cookout.
Raise money and help children eat healthy too.


Kindness for a Penny

Every act of kindness merits a penny.
Soon enough, your penny collection will fill a whole jar.
Donate that kindness to children!

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Learn Something New

Get to know a new country.
Trivia your family and friends and donate the proceeds
to help children from those countries


Tame Your Fitness

Join Team Save the Children!
Participate on one of the country's
most prestigious marathons, half marathons, triathlons

South Beach Triathlon

South Beach Triathlon

April 15th, 2018

Shopaholic for Good

Trying to kick the urge to splurge?
Give the gift that gives back!
Shop online and raise money for us


Tips & Tools

Get answers and tips on how
to further help children.
Help us make a brighter year for children

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