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P&G is one of Save the Children's longest-standing partners. They have provided invaluable support to our U.S. programs since 1995 and to our international work since 2002. P&G's commitment to providing comforts of home and improving health and hygiene through the benefits of its unique brands helps us improve life for children around the world.

A Multifaceted Partnership

Successful collaborations with multiple brands and meaningful employee engagement opportunities in more than 22 countries across six continents. Learn More

Empowering Girls

Partnership to address gender equality by empowering girls, addressing gender bias and social norms, and using our combined voice to influence change. Learn More

Children Safe Drinking Water Program

Save the Children is proud to partner with P&G to deliver clean drinking water to those in need. Learn More

A Multifaceted Partnership

Multi-Brand Engagement

P&G Parthnerships with Safeguard, Always, Oral B and Crest

In communities served by our partnership, P&G leverages its brands to build a stronger culture of health and hygiene. Together we've built hand-washing stations, refurbished toilet facilities, led trainings on handwashing, oral hygiene and menstrual hygiene management, and run campaigns to raise awareness around healthy behaviors. Our programs have integrated P&G’s products such as Safeguard, Always, Crest and Oral-B in meaningful ways to give children opportunities to practice what they have learned, across multiple markets such as China, Mexico and Nigeria.

Cause-Related Marketing

P&G Cause Related Marketing with Fairy

In 2016, P&G’s Fairy ran a campaign in Saudi Arabia that was promoted by several co-branded TV commercials. The campaign donated a meal to someone in need for every two bottles of Fairy dishwashing detergent sold during Ramadan. Over 300,000 meals were donated to families facing an extreme hunger crisis in Somalia.

Local Activation and Employee Engagement

P&G Employee Engagement

To engage P&G staff with Save the Children's mission we've implemented many employee events across the globe. These range from a P&G Christmas Marketplace in Italy, hosting media events at our country field offices in Mexico, India, China and the Philippines, and inviting P&G staff to participate in key events, such as Global Handwashing Day, in several countries around the world. We have also created videos that celebrate our partnership while highlighting the impact of our work.

Emergency Response

P&G Emergency Response

P&G has supported many disaster relief efforts over the years. Recent responses include drought and famine conditions in Sub-Sahara Africa, Nepal Earthquakes, the Japan Earthquake of 2016 and support for Refugees across Europe. In addition, in Italy, we launched a new partnership model with co-branded assets for emergencies. P&G has also generously donated products to children and families who've lost everything.

Empowering Girls

P&G aspires to build a better world for all of us – a world free of gender bias where girls and boys can dream big dreams and know that they are within their grasp. To this end, P&G and its brands are working every day to reveal bias and spark conversations that motivate change.

Save the Children aims to lift the most marginalized girls through our Every Last Child Campaign. Our goals are aligned, so we’re working together to promote gender equality, empower homebound girls with access to education, and jointly advocate for systemic change.

Because we both believe that education is the key to empowerment, we’re working with P&G brand Always in Jordan to provide education and life skills workshops to girls and young women -- helping them gain confidence, strength and skills. Because when women thrive, families are healthier and communities are stronger.

Save the Children and Always collaborated once more with our “Changing the World for Refugee Girls through Education” event at the 2017 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, and again with a joint campaign to mark the International Day of the Girl 2016.

P&G Children Safe Drinking Water (CSDW) Program

The P&G Children Safe Drinking Water (CSDW) Program has provided more than 12 billion liters of clean drinking water and we’re proud to be one of the largest partners of in this endeavor to provide clean drinking water to children and families caught up in emergencies.

The P&G CSDW Program has supported many disasters across the globe, such as droughts and floods across Ethiopia, El Salvador, India, Kenya, Philippines, Somalia, South Sudan and Uganda. We have also partnered to provide clean drinking water to schools as part of our School Health and Nutrition programming in Nigeria.

Children’s Safe Drinking Water (CSDW)
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