Helping Kids be Kids

Participate in Toys"R"Us Reusable Bag Promotion to help children during U.S. emergencies.

“I don’t want to grow up…I’m a Toys“R”Us kid”. I clearly remember the Toys“R”Us jingle from when I was a child. Part of the reason the tune is so catchy is because it’s so true. Kids need time to just be kids; Time to savor and delight in the security of being cared for by grown-ups. Kids deserve to learn, have adventures, imagine other worlds, run around and play with toys. But, both Save the Children and Toys“R”Us realize how emergencies can abruptly steal a childhood.

Children are the most vulnerable in disasters. They aren’t just little adults; they have unique needs that make them susceptible to physical and emotional harm. In emergencies, children may witness devastating destruction; lose family members, homes and prized-possessions, and be unable to express the fear and anger that consumes their young minds. Kids may be separated from their family and not know how or when they will reunite with loved ones. The youngest children and those with special needs may be unable to get to safety or stay safe without specialized planning, equipment and supplies.

With an eye on these critical needs, Save the Children has responded to emergencies in the U.S. and around the world for nearly 100 years, providing for children and facilitating long-term community recovery. Since 2005, Toys“R”Us has been a critical partner in Save the Children’s emergency work, contributing more than $4 million to support emergency recovery in the U.S. and abroad, including Haiti, Japan and to help the littlest victims of Hurricane Sandy. It’s because of this generous support that millions of children received life-saving supplies and programs, providing kids with structure and support systems to cope with crisis.

While we cannot prevent disasters from occurring, we can prepare our families and communities before it’s too late. That’s why this year, Toys“R”Us and its support of Save the Children is going beyond emergency response and investing in our U.S. community preparedness initiative, Get Ready Get Safe. To kick things off, the Toys“R”Us Children’s Fund donated $100,000 to Save the Children’s Domestic Emergency Fund.

You too can help strengthen disaster preparedness and relief programs right here in the U.S. by purchasing a reusable tote bag at your local Toys“R”Us store. One dollar from each purchase will go directly to Save the Children’s Domestic Emergency Fund. To learn more, please visit

Like the Toys“R”Us jingle states, kids don’t want to grow up – too fast. That’s why we must prepare our communities to protect children in emergencies; so that kids can be kids no matter what comes their way. Thanks for helping keep kids safe!

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