What if Save the Children earned money every time you wrote a positive review? And at no cost to you!

Many of us like writing reviews for the satisfaction we get from either singing a company’s praises or forewarning other potential patrons of a not-so-pleasant experience. Imagine the gratification you’d feel knowing that a non-profit would benefit from your recommendation. At HugDug, you can weigh in on any product-- from literature to yoga mats to mobile accessories—and the platform will donate half of its profit to charity.

Photo by Susan Warner/Save the Children
Photo by Susan Warner/Save the Children

All you have to do is create an account, choose Save the Children as your preferred charity, and start reviewing your favorite products to support Save the Children without… paying a dime! We love that HugDug gives consumers a chance to connect and speak up about the products they’re passionate about while simultaneously giving back to devoted organizations. Start reviewing now and you can help us give children a healthy start, the opportunity to learn, and protection from harm. Giving back has never been so easy!

Spread the Word!

The more reviews made on HugDug with Save the Children in mind, the more money will be raised to support our mission and ultimately, help children in need. Pass the word on to friends and start reviewing today!
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