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Thank you so much for considering Save the Children as a charity of choice! We hope we can provide you with all the information you need.

Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Set a fundraising goal and keep everyone posted on how close you are to reaching it.

    Keep in mind that your friends and family want to see you succeed. In fact, some may donate again if they know you're close to reaching your goal.

    Share updates on the status of your goal.

    Increase your goal once you reach it. Then update your donors and challenge them to help you reach the next level.

  2. Tell your story.

    If you've chosen to ask for donations via email, one way to start is with our downloadable, pre-written fundraising email, accessible at Be sure to fill in your fundraising goal and, if you wish, customize your message to share the reasons you're participating.

  3. Keep Sharing.

    Send out updates on your fundraising achievements.

    Sharing stories makes donors feel a part of your efforts.

    You may even inspire some of your friends to join you as a volunteer or to advocate for your campaign.

    Share on the Save the Children Facebook page, too - and think how excited your friends will be to see you there.

  4. Be creative!

    Here are just a few fundraising campaign ideas to underscore the value of each person's involvement.

    In Loving Memory: It's difficult to lose someone you love. Create and personalize your own online page to honor the life of someone special:

    Enlist the Gang: If you work in an office, live in a dorm, participate in a club or play on a team, convince the whole group to raise funds to make even more of a difference. When you reach out to your separate social networks, the possibilities are endless!

    Make Birthdays More Meaningful: Are you or someone you know about to celebrate a milestone birthday? Ask your friends to donate the amount of the age instead of a gift. Visit to get started.

    Recognize Special Events: Ask for donations in lieu of gifts for an upcoming wedding, anniversary, retirement or other special day.

    Party with a Purpose: Get together with friends and family! Share a meal, attend a concert, have a game night, organize a high-stakes poker, bowling or bridge tournament. However you like to have fun, use the event to raise funds for Save the Children.

    Be a Sport: Start a golf or basketball tournament and ask for a donation as the entry fee.

    Lose to Gain: On a diet? Ask friends to sponsor each pound lost.

    Garage Sales: Host a garage sale with your neighbors and donate a portion of each person's proceeds towards your fundraising goal.

  5. Use social media sites including Facebook and Twitter

    On Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram? Talk about your campaign and goals and include a link your fundraising page:

    On Twitter? Tweet about your fundraising and use #savekids to connect with other volunteers.

  6. Say thanks!

Freqently Asked Questions

Can I host a fundraiser for Save the Children?

Absolutely! We thank you for taking an active interest in helping children in the U.S. and around the world to survive and thrive. We have tons of great fundraising ideas on our website, along with the videos, images and other resources that you'll need to promote your event. If you need more help, email

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Can I raise money online?

Yes! By visiting, you can create your own personal fundraising page where you can reach out to friends and family to support you in your fundraising efforts. Through your page you can send messages to Facebook friends, Twitter followers or email contacts, and you can even create a friendly URL to direct people to your page. If you need help setting up your page or need more information, please email

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I'm getting married/having a baby/having a birthday party and would like my guests to donate to Save the Children instead of giving gifts. Is there a way I can do this?

We're always inspired when people generously want to share their special day with us. Find the many ways that you can give to save the children

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Can my school host a fundraiser for Save the Children?

Yes, absolutely! Our website has tons of great ideas for fundraisers at, but you can also email us at if you have more questions.

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Can you send me posters, flyers and other items to help promote my event?

As highly rated charity, Save the Children tries to put the absolute most of its donors' money right back into its programs--89 percent! As a result, we don't actually have promotional print materials that we are able to send out to individuals for each fundraising effort. We ask our donors to understand our interest in being fiscally responsible and that they create their own promotional materials. We have tons of stuff on our website that you can use--photos, videos, information. We can supply our logos to you as well. Please email to get permission to use our files, or for other questions you might have.

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Can you promote my event or company on your website?

While we sincerely appreciate your support and would love to help promote every event that our generous fundraisers host for us, unfortunately at this time we don't have the available staff resources or capacity to be able to promote every event. What we would recommend is tagging @SaveTheChildren in your Twitter posts, or liking us on Facebook ( and we will retweet/repost if we're able to.

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Can Save the Children help host my event?

We would be happy to provide you with some fundraising ideas and resources that you might need to get an event started and to promote it. Unfortunately we don't have the staffing capacity to co-host, promote or attend every event. Please email if you are unable to get the support you need from our online resources (

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Emergency fundraising

No one knows when the next earthquake, flood or tsunami will strike. But we do know children are severely affected by natural disasters. They also suffer greatly during conflict, drought and disease outbreaks. In 2012, we helped more than 9 million children through our emergency response programs.

That's why Save the Children is prepared to help protect vulnerable boys and girls during disasters and their aftermath. We also support children's needs throughout ongoing, complex emergencies.

On any given day, Save the Children's disaster relief experts can be found responding to the needs of children during these challenging times, providing essential food, safety, comfort and lifesaving care.

Help us prepare for emergencies around the world by contributing to our Children's Emergency Fund.

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Can I donate books, toys, clothing, school supplies or other items?

Unfortunately, with very few exceptions, we are unable to accept gifts like toys, clothing, material goods, even food or water at this time. We have discovered that it is much more useful and cost-effective for the people working within our agency and on the ground in an area to purchase/obtain needed items — they know what is needed, they know where it is needed, they know the regulations in each specific area, and they know how best to distribute everything.

During times and areas of crisis, it is also imperative that we control the condition of the items both during shipping and distribution so that we can control any health or sanitation issues as best as possible. Finally, variations in the same items, such as different types of toys, backpacks, clothing, even food and water, can create perceptions of inequity among the population which can escalate into a security concern during distribution.

However, by adding to our financial resources, you enable us to respond appropriately, effectively and efficiently and get the items that are needed most. If you would like help coming up with some fundraising ideas, we've got great ones to share with you on our website, so feel free to explore!

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Can I set up a PayPal account to make a donation?

Unfortunately we don't have the capacity to set up PayPal accounts for every individual fundraiser. The best way to make a payment online is either directly through our site, or to set up your own fundraising page at

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Do you have a 990 form and/or proof of your tax-exempt status?

990 forms and our EIN/tax-exempt status forms are located HERE.

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Where do I send donations?

Checks can be made out to "Save the Children" and sent to:

Save the Children

501 Kings Highway East, Suite 400

Fairfield, CT 06825-4867

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Will I receive an acknowledgment for my donation?

Anyone who submits a check or credit card donation directly to Save the Children will receive a tax receipt and a letter of acknowledgment.

If you need a specialized receipt or if you have questions about the status of yours, please email us at

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Can I start a Save the Children Club at my school? How?

We are always so inspired when students take an active interest the needs of other children. We encourage groups of all ages to join our community of clubs across the nation. Through your club you can earn service hours, win prizes for fundraising efforts and really make a difference! If you'd like to start one at your school, email or find a group near you:

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Can a Save the Children staff member help me with my research paper?

We will try to connect you with someone on our staff who works in that particular program area, however at this time we have very limited resources to be able to personally respond to each student. We have a lot of great resources on our website which you will definitely find useful. Use the search bar to enter your subject area and you should be able to find everything that you need. For more information, email

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Can we have a speaker visit our school?

While we can't always arrange to have a speaker appear in person, sometimes we are able to arrange Skype calls with people from our agency. Please email, to find out whether we can arrange for a speaker for your school.

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I have a business and would like to donate proceeds to Save the Children. How do I do that?

Thank you for considering Save the Children as your charity of choice! We're honored that you have chosen to donate a portion of the proceeds of your business to us. First you will need to talk to Beatriz Narbon ( in our corporate department to set up an agreement and she can give you any other information that you will need.

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I am releasing a children's music CD/children's book/film and was wondering if Save the Children would like to co-sponsor or promote my work?

We appreciate that you have considered Save the Children as your charity of choice! Thank you for using your voice to raise awareness about the needs of children in the U.S. and around the world. Unfortunately at this time we don't have the staffing capacity, financial resources or online real estate to sponsor or promote every individual artist's work or to partner on hosting events. However, if you would like more information on how your work can benefit Save the Children, please contact our media team at

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Can I sponsor a child? How can I get started?

Please visit to learn how you can get started!

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Can I volunteer for Save the Children?

At this time volunteer opportunities in the field are very limited. Because we work with some of the most vulnerable members of society — children — visits to the field aren't always possible. We do offer volunteer opportunities in our Westport and Washington, D.C., headquarters. Find out more information.

However, the best way that you can help contribute to our work is to become a fundraiser. For ideas on how to get started, visit

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