A Love Story

When Amy Sullivan and Noam Scheiber made a commitment to each other at their wedding last May, they also made a commitment to helping children in need. "We wanted to celebrate being lucky enough to have found each other, and we don't need new muffin tins to do that," laughs Sullivan, 35.

I Do Foundation wedding couple

Amy and Noam's wedding guests raised more than $600 for Save the Children. Credit: Jay Reilly

As part of their socially meaningful wedding, rather than register for gifts with a department store, the couple chose to register with the I Do Foundation and asked guests to give money to their favorite charities. They chose Save the Children as one of the beneficiaries, and the generosity of their friends and family resulted in a donation of more than $620.44 for the agency's Global Action Fund.

Making the Money Count

Children's causes were always important to Sullivan as both her parents are teachers, but as a journalist she wanted to be sure that any beneficiary she chose would use the money wisely. She says, "It is often hard to know where your money is going, but after some research I felt sure that Save the Children was a place where the money is actually going where you want it to."

The couple chose to use the I Do Foundation partly because the web site made it easy for guests to donate money online, (no need to write a check and mail it), but also because they could register for a few household items in case an aunt or uncle wanted to buy them something more tangible. When a guest bought them a bright tangerine-colored toaster, the online store they used through the I Do Foundation donated 10 percent of the purchase price to another of their causes, making the gift doubly meaningful.

Sullivan and Scheiber first heard about registering for charity five years ago when a friend used the I Do Foundation, and they thought it was a fantastic idea. The couple plan to continue their connection with Save the Children in the future, Sullivan says, "This has been a great way to get started."

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To donate to Save the Children's Global Action Fund like Noam and Amy, click here. When you donate to our Global Action Fund, your donation will be used to support all the work we do to help children in need around the world and in the United States.

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