Strong Start for America's Children

Join us in supporting all of America’s children, by telling your legislator today to support Strong Start for America’s Children Act.

Use our Connect-to-Congress tool and you’ll hear an exclusive message from our Artist Ambassador Jennifer Garner.

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What's Next?

In just a moment, you’ll receive a call from our 'Connect to Congress' service at 1.866.899.9078 and hear a brief message from Save the Children about the issue. You’ll be patched through to your Congressperson’s office and a staff person will answer the phone.

Phone Tips and Talking Points:

  1. Hello, I am a constituent from (your town name).
  2. As your constituent, I urge you to support the new Strong Start for America’s Children Act to ensure all children in America can access quality early education programs regardless of economic disadvantages.
  3. Thank the staff for their time, and make sure to leave your name & address so the staffer knows you live in the district and state.
  4. Please help spread the word to your social networks. Thank you for taking action!
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