Success Stories

Children's Success Stories

Estrella USP

Finding Her Confidence Through Reading

Through Save the Children after school programs Estrella gained the confidence and skills she needed to succeed.

Samuel Ebola Success Story

Losing Everything, Except Hope

A tragic accident and the arrival of Ebola caused Samuel to lose many things - but not his hope for the future.

Refugee Story

Not Looking Back

Farah and Adnan left everything behind in order to keep their young family safe.

Subita Nepal motherhood success story

Subita's Struggles

A mother of three receives the care she needs after a devastating earthquake destroyed everything she owned.

Yaser Refugee Crisis

No Longer Afraid

Yaser and his five young children fled the violence in Syria to search for a better life in Germany.

Rino Poverty United States

Going Without in The Land of Opportunity

Save the Children is working with Rino to help break the cycle of poverty.

Bikalpa Nepal

No Choice But to Carry On

Young Bikalpa's recovery from the Nepal Earthquake.

Bolivia success story sponsorship

Maria Can Make It

Maria will succeed in life, because she has sponsors on her side.

Donor Success Stories

Daum Tag Sale Success Story

Spring Cleaning - for Smiles!

Meet the Daums from Larchmont, NY, who have so far raised $125,000 for Save the Children

Janet Aley Sponsor Success Story

Four Decades of Dedication

Janet Aley has been sponsoring kids with Save the Children for a record 42 years.

Alan Thompson

Biking for a Cause

Alan Thompson is biking the perimeter of the United States to raise funds and awareness for children in need.

Corporate Success Stories

TOMS Success Story

Giving TOMS in the U.S.

Save the Children and TOMS work together to bring health, education and opportunity to U.S. kids.

Ikea Helps After Hurricane Sandy Success Story

IKEA Helps After Hurricane Sandy

With IKEAs help a Head Start Facility in Brooklyn is now restored after being destroyed by Hurricane Sandy.

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