TOMS is in business to help change lives. That makes them the perfect partner for Save the Children as we work together to bring health, education and opportunity to U.S. kids living under the shadow of crippling poverty.

As part of its life-changing programs, Save the Children will be giving new TOMS Shoes to children in five states, helping them remain active, healthy and better equipped to attend school on a regular basis. You can make a difference too by making a donation today to support Save the Children critical programs for America's neediest girls and boys.

Poverty hurts…forever.

In the U.S., childhood poverty can mean:

  • Going to bed hungry
  • Suffering ongoing health problems caused by obesity
  • Starting school unprepared and dropping out too soon
  • Having no hope.

What does it mean to grow up poor in the USA?

It can mean no access to simple, but critical, things many take for granted — like books, pre-school programs, healthy foods and places to play and exercise — things that help children thrive and grow in mind and body. Perhaps even more tragically, it can mean being unable to imagine, or realize, a future outside of poverty.

  • Four-year-olds from families affected by poverty are 18 months behind other 4-year-olds developmentally — and may never catch up.
  • More than 2/3 of low-income households own no children's books.
  • In rural communities, 52% of children living in poverty are overweight or obese.

Together, we CAN make things better.

In 2012, Save the Children helped improve the lives and futures of 240,000 children in 18 states and the District of Columbia through our education, health and emergency response programs.

  • 100,000 American children and caregivers were provided with critical emergency relief, recovery and preparedness training in the wake of tragedies like Hurricane Sandy
  • Tens of thousands of children benefitted from education, literacy and health programs

But there's still so much to do! Today, nearly 1 in 4 American children lives in poverty — that's 16 million kids who understand all too well what it means to go without.

If you think that's not right, if you believe every U.S. child deserves the chance to live the American dream, then please DONATE NOW.

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