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At least 7.6 million people, including 3.5 million children, are displaced within Syria and an increasing number are being forced into informal settlements with little access to even basic services. In addition, the UN High Commissioner of Refugees estimates that over 3.8 million people have fled Syria – to Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Egypt.

Children remain the most vulnerable in this crisis. Over 5.6 million children need assistance, including almost 2 million who have sought refuge in neighboring countries, many of which are themselves under-resourced and struggling to meet basic needs. Children inside Syria tell us that they feel hopeless. They have witnessed their friends and families being killed. Their homes are now rubble. They are hungry, often sick. They can’t find clean water. Hospitals are barely functioning. Even if their school is still standing, it’s probably far too dangerous to attend. Without an option of education, children we interviewed say they are considering joining armed groups to make money, or to make them feel safer. Others are engaging in dangerous labor, or risk being married off early to help support their struggling families.

Save the Children's Response

Save the Children has had programs in the Middle East for decades. Despite the danger inside Syria, we have reached over 1.1 million people, including over 570,000 children, with life-saving food baskets, education, health services, clean water, warm clothes and support for traumatized children. Across the region, over 2.3 million people, including over 1.5 million children, have benefited from our programs to date.

Some Highlights of Our Response Are:

  • Supporting 59 schools in northern Syria where, to date, we have helped 34,500 children access pre-school and primary school
  • Running alternative learning programs and informal education in refugee camps and host communities
  • Supplying school bags, uniforms and other essential school materials, and paying school fees
  • Supporting 1,000 teachers through training and salaries so that they can provide children with high quality education, even under the most difficult circumstances in Syria
  • Providing safe play areas and access to counselling for thousands of children across the region
  • Repairing damaged schools and providing equipment, furniture and learning materials
  • Launching back-to-school campaigns to encourage parents to enroll their children

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