A Heartfelt Journey

Loretta met her sponsor children.

Loretta Merlone traveled more than 800 miles, from her home in CT all the way down to KY, to visit her two sponsored children, Kristin and Cody. This journey touched her heart – and changed her life.

Every time Loretta Merlone receives a letter or drawing from one of her two sponsored children, she tucks it away into a special notebook – like a treasure.

Loretta, from Connecticut, chose to sponsor two children in the United States so that they could easily communicate; no translation needed. And in fact, Loretta began writing to the children, who live in Kentucky, as soon as her Save the Children Welcome Kit arrived. They correspond about once a month.

Kristin, Loretta’s 8-year-old sponsored child, likes to write about reading, school and their shared love of cats. Kristin used to struggle in school, falling behind in second grade. Now, she’s ahead of grade level!

Little Cody, age 6, Loretta’s second sponsored child, has a particularly difficult home life and currently lives in foster care. He’s only in kindergarten, so he mostly sends Loretta his drawings. Cody, who also struggled in school, is now doing grade-level work.

Recently, Loretta felt compelled to meet her sponsored children face-to-face and to see the good work being done by Save the Children throughout the communities where they live. So she drove all the way from Connecticut to Kentucky, visiting with each child. “Cody, he is my little boy in my heart,” said Loretta Merlone.

These visits so moved Loretta that she plans to make the trip every year! Now Loretta not only has letters and drawings to keep in her notebooks – but treasured memories to keep in her heart.

Sponsor a Child

Child sponsorship forever changes two lives – the sponsored child’s and your own. It’s easy to get started: Contact Save the Children – call Donor Services at 800-728-3843 or go to www.savethechildren.org/sponsor. You can choose to sponsor one or more children – in the U.S. or around the world. Start your sponsorship experience!

Save the Children combines the donations you make toward your child with the gifts of other sponsors, rather than giving them directly to your sponsored child, to support programs that help make life better for many children in the communities receiving sponsorship funding.

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