Didi's Story


In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, Save the Children rushed to the aid of girls and boys in hard-hit New Jersey and New York.

One of the children struggling in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy is 4-year-old Didi. When the worst of the storm was over, her family tried to go home, but the heat wasn’t working. It was just too cold for the little girl, so they came to a shelter where Save the Children provides relief services.

Didi participates in our signature Child Friendly Spaces – safe areas in the shelters where kids can begin to recover from disaster-induced emotional distress. Our trained professionals offer support and structured play with age-appropriate activities, such as arts and crafts, jump ropes, books, toys and board games. We’ve helped children in Child Friendly Spaces after many other disasters, including the recent Haiti Earthquake, Joplin Tornadoes, Hurricane Isaac and Japan Tsunami.

What’s more, we’re providing parents with the supplies they need to help keep kids clean and healthy, such as diapers, hygiene supplies and nutritious snacks. To help keep children warm, we delivered cozy blankets, onesies, jammies, hats and mittens throughout the affected areas.

Hopefully, Didi will be able to go home soon and won’t have to spend the holidays in a shelter.

Kids like Didi are why we’re dedicated to helping children in need. We work in poor and vulnerable communities in countries from America to Zimbabwe – saving one child at a time. Our caring staff helps provide lifesaving care for newborns, feed hungry children, educate girls and boys, fight child trafficking and respond to catastrophic disasters worldwide.

Sadly, we know firsthand that there are far too many children who aren’t getting the help they need. And that’s where YOU come in. Without compassionate people like you, children like Didi go without.

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