Gimilson's Story


It was a sweltering summer day in Haiti when we first met Gimilson. Only 2 years old, he was a very sick little boy, covered with bugs from head to foot, his skin crawling with parasites.

Abandoned by his mother when he was just 6 months old, Gimilson was taken in by his grandmother, Lucien, who cared for him the best she could. But at 65, Lucien was considered too old to work and had little money for herself or her grandson.

The two ate mostly bread, soup and beans given to them by compassionate neighbors. As a result, Gimilson was severely malnourished. He weighed only 17 pounds — significantly less than the average weight of 23-35 pounds for a child his age.

Lucien had no money to provide adequate health care or the medicines that might save her grandson's life.

Fortunately for Gimilson and his grandmother, Save the Children was there. Our trained staff realized Gimilson was in need of immediate medical attention and got him the care necessary to save his life. Without help, our experts predicted, he would probably have died within months.

Today, Gimilson is a healthy 4 year old, a living testament to the lifesaving power of Save the Children programs.

Kids like Gimilson are why we're dedicated to helping children in need. We work in poor and vulnerable communities in countries from America to Zimbabwe — saving one child at a time. Our caring staff helps provide lifesaving care for newborns, feed hungry children, educate girls and boys, fight child trafficking and respond to catastrophic disasters worldwide.

Sadly, we know firsthand that there are far too many children who aren't getting the help they need. And that's where YOU come in. Without compassionate people like you, children like Gimilson go without.

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